How to remove apps folder on LG G6 in 5 steps

If you prefer to have your apps easily accessible without having to open an app folder even if it means crowding your icon home screen, you can get a little frustrated when you turn on your LG G6 for the first time. Like every smartphone, it comes with preinstalled apps, but some of them arrive organized in folders. So learn how to remove apps folder on LG G6 in 5 steps so that you can rearrange your apps on your new phone!

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How to remove apps folder on LG G6 in 5 steps

1 - Activate the app organizer on the home screen;

2 - Tap one of the folders and click the icon in “ + “ format;

3 - Uncheck all applications inside the folder;

3.1 - It is worth remembering that these are only icons, ie no application is uninstalled in this process;

4 - Confirm by clicking the OK button in the lower right corner of the screen;

5 - The apps folder will be undone and the icons contained in it will be available directly from the home screen.

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We hope our tutorial has been helpful in better organizing your apps on the current version of LG's line of Android smartphones. Do we take the space to raise the issue of application organization? Which setting do you think is best: leave apps on the home screen even if they are many, leave only the main ones, or organize them by folders? Need help with any step of our tutorial? Leave your opinion or complaint in our comments section below and share this tutorial on your social networks!

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