How to remove your Facebook page forever

As with the other Facebook tutorials we publish here on AppTuts - be sure to check how to block certain words on the fan page and how to block messages on your page - removing your Facebook page forever requires administrator privileges.

Removing it is a simple and quick process, with some security measures along the way, to prevent it from unintentionally erasing it or, worse, that someone who has invaded it can permanently remove it. Check out how in the tutorial below!

Note: Before proceeding with page removal, we suggest you download all fanpage information!

Enter the settings page

As with other tutorials, go to the settings tab of your fanpage.

Go to last menu option

Still on the General tab, go to the last option in the list, called Remove Page . Click on Edit ;

Click Delete [your page name]

Before continuing the process, carefully read the notice left by Facebook to understand how the page deletion process works. The warning is to inform the Facebook fan page administrator that after confirmation, no other users will be able to see or find your page. He also reports that 14 days after the confirmation of deletion, the administrator will receive a notification asking if the page should be permanently closed. To proceed, click Delete [Page Name] .

Confirm Fanpage Removal

When you click Delete, the box in the image above will appear, repeating the previous warnings. In addition, she asks if she doesn't prefer to just take the page down without deleting it. To do so, simply click on the box indicated by arrow 1. Regardless of the decision, the deletion - or removal of air - is confirmed by the Delete Page button, indicated by the arrow number 2. This will stop your page from appearing or being viewed. by followers.

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Did you manage to remove your Facebook page?

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