How to restore iPhone simply and quickly

Over time, no matter how careful you take your iPhone, it is normal for it to start slowing down, some apps to close without warning, or even to run out of battery power too quickly. No matter how many strategies you use to make your iPhone go faster, it's more likely that it won't be able to escape its first restore. Restoring your iPhone makes it infinitely faster. If you have been very good at taking care of it so far, it is very likely that with restoration it will return to the speed you had when you bought the iPhone.

That would be very cool, right? And to give you the feeling of having an iPhone like new, I decided to write this article where I explain 2 very simple and fast ways to have your iPhone restored. Both are extremely effective and very simple to make. Just follow the steps I will indicate in this article. Come on?

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Method 1. Restoring iPhone from iTunes

The simplest way to restore iPhone is using iTunes. The only things you need to do to accomplish this is iTunes installed on your computer, iPhone, and a cable to connect iPhone to your computer, nothing more. The procedure is very simple, follow our walkthrough below!

Prepare everything

First and foremost, you might consider saving all your device images, videos, and documents to some computer. This can be done by synchronizing them directly with some cloud storage, or if they are not too heavy, you can even perform this type of backup by emailing the files to yourself.

This is to ensure that you do not lose any important documents on your device due to restoration. After doing this or, if you have no intention of storing anything from the device, go to our step by step.

Step 1: The first step is to open iTunes and make sure it has the latest update. To do this, just go to the top menu that says "Check for updates".

If there is a new update, it is important to perform it before continuing the procedure. Therefore, you will need to connect to the Internet for this.

Step 2: Once you have updated iTunes, connect your iPhone to your computer from the USB port. With this, iTunes will open a window identifying the connection with the smartphone. In that same window is a part that talks about “Backup”.

Click on “Back up” as shown in the image below. This backup can be used later to restore all data and settings present on the smartphone, however it will not restore your applications.

Restore iPhone

Step 3: The next step is to restore your iPhone to default settings, ie remove all options customized by you while using the smartphone. To do this go a little higher and click "Restore iPhone".

Step 4: However, if you have the “Find iPhone” option enabled, it will not allow you to restore your device. To resolve this issue, simply follow our guide below. Go to your iPhone and click "Settings."

Step 5: Then select the iCloud option:

Step 6: Next go to the Search iPhone option as shown in the image:

Step 7: And disable the option. Also, here you will be able to know exactly what this feature is for your device.

If this option is turned off, iTunes should now accept iPhone restore.

If all goes well, you will get the welcome message from Apple. Then iPhone will ask you if you want to install as a new iPhone or from iCloud or iTunes restore. If you want a "new" iPhone, choose the first option. If you really want to recover your data saved as automatic cloud backup, use the iTunes option.

Method 2: Restoring iPhone from iPhone

Step 1: The other way to restore iPhone is using Apple's own device. Reconnect your device via the USB cable and back up all your information using iTunes, as explained in the previous method. This ensures that all your information is stored and can be restored to the device.

Step 2: The next step is to go to the “Settings” again:

Step 3: Then choose the “General” option:

Step 4: Next, the “Reset” menu:

Step 5: Lastly, delete content and adjustments:

Okay, now if all went well, you will receive the welcome message from Apple, indicating that the procedure was successful and your smartphone restored to factory defaults.

And you know: If you want to recover your data, choose the option “Restore from iTunes backup” and you're done, the device will recover all data stored in the backup!

Did you manage to restore iPhone with our tutorial?

So, could you restore your iPhone with one of these techniques? Tell us your experience and leave us your questions so we can help you!

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