How to restrict age on Facebook fan page

Depending on the theme of your Facebook page, you may need to apply age restrictions. Topics such as extreme violence, alcohol consumption, or ballads are not the best options for appearing in underage or early teen feeds, for example. To avoid any kind of age-related issues with who can see your page posts, learn how to restrict age on the Facebook fan page in the guide below.

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Access page settings

Enter your page and go to the settings tab .

Find Age Restrictions

In the general settings, click Edit in the Age Restrictions row.

Adjust the age range of your page.

A list will be available when editing settings. Options range from ages 13 to 21, plus an option for only alcohol-related pages. Facebook does not allow the registration of children under 13 years of age, so there is no permission for young people under this range in the menu.

Confirm your choice

Once you've chosen which age range your fan page will reach, click the Save Changes button to effect the restriction so that your posts will not appear in feeds from people under the established age. You can change your range at any time by following the same procedure as above.

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