How to restrict countries on the Facebook fan page

There are several reasons to restrict your page posts from appearing in other countries. These include the different language or, in the case of ecommerces, the impossibility of selling their products to people from other countries. To learn how to restrict countries on the Facebook fan page, check out the walkthrough we've done below and don't forget to see other tutorials on Facebook pages.

Enter your Facebook page settings

Go to your fan page and enter the Settings tab.

Find the option Country restrictions

Find the Country restrictions option and click the Edit button to configure how you will restrict countries on the fan page.

List the countries to restrict and release

When accessing the restriction edit, you will have two options: indicate which countries will be blocked or indicate which ones will be released, preventing access by other users. First, you include the name of each country and then select from the list that will form as seen in the image above by selecting one of the options. From there, the options mentioned will appear below the text bar, as you can see in the screenshots below.

To stop showing your posts to only specific countries, choose Hide this page from users in those countries .

On the other hand, if you prefer only a few countries to be able to access, choose the Show this page only for users in those countries . This makes it easier to block countries you don't want or need to reach.

Confirm changes

To confirm, simply click the Save Changes button. Whenever you want to block or allow access to other countries, simply repeat the process by placing the country in the address bar and choosing the corresponding block or release option.

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Could you restrict countries on the Facebook fan page?

Have you ever had a problem with your posts appearing in countries that are not your page target? Do you prefer your posts to be viewed only by people who speak Portuguese or are in the opposite situation, with a page targeted at those who speak English? Comment with us about your experiences and share this post on your social networks!

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