How to restrict messages in WhatsApp groups

The function of forming groups in WhatsApp is very popular, but there are some occasions when they get a little control out of their administrators. The good news is that the app has received very useful functionality for this and other cases where group creators want more control over them. This can be done by restricting messages in WhatsApp groups, something you can learn below!

Restrict Messages in WhatsApp Groups

Before we start our tutorial, we suggest that you upgrade your WhatsApp. Because the feature is very recent, not everyone may have it in their current version of the app.

With that done, open WhatsApp on your phone and select the group you created or are an administrator of. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

Then click on the “Group Data” option to continue.

In the new screen, select the "Group Settings" option.

There will only be two options and you must click "Send Messages" to proceed.

Finally, select the "Admins Only" option. This will only allow group administrators to send messages for a certain period.

This can be useful in many ways, especially if you need to disclose information without being lost among other messages. Of course, you can undo the action at any time by returning to the same menu above and selecting the “All Participants” option.

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