How to save your 3G data plan on Android

While many public facilities currently offer free Wi-Fi networks, you still need to have a 3G data plan for times of emergency or for those who want more security for their smartphone. The biggest problem with this is that it's pretty easy to lose track of how much of your 3G was spent in just a day or a few hours. Fortunately, there are many tools that allow you to better control 3G usage on Android and prevent certain apps from wasting it throughout the day. To learn how to save your 3G easily and conveniently, just check out our tips below!

Save 3G on Android

For this tutorial, we go to Datally, an app recently launched by Google that can monitor, control and reduce the expense of your 3G data on Android. You can download it for free through this link.

With Datally installed on your smartphone, open it to begin initial setup. To do this, simply click on "Continue".

You will then have to give the application proper permissions, as this will allow it to monitor and reduce 3G usage. As this is a Google app, it's totally safe.

With this you will also have to select your mobile carrier. The app itself will detect your network, but you will still have to confirm it to continue.

You will then see the app home screen. Since this is the first time you will be using it, you still need to configure other options. To do this, click “Conf. Data Saver ”or“ Set Up Now ”to proceed.

At the next screen, click "Allow" and then "Ok" so that Datally can monitor your network traffic.

This will return you to the Home screen and will be able to choose between the options “Manage Data” and “Enc. Wi-Fi. ”

The first option can be used directly to check and control the use of your 3G smartphone. You will be able to see the total used for the day, week and month, with detailed schedule information as well.

If you scroll down a bit, you'll find the “Data-Free Apps” option, which shows you which apps have been blocked by Datally and cannot use 3G without your permission. The locked will have this lock symbol closed, while the allowed will have the lock open.

You can change this just by touching these padlocks, which is very simple and fast. You'll have more information about which apps spend the most on your 3G as you use it. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the option to block and allow 3G for certain apps, which will give you full control over your data plan usage at all times.

The option “Enc. Wi-Fi ”is also very useful. It's for when you don't want to use 3G and would rather look for a free Wi-Fi network near your location.

The app uses your smartphone's GPS and displays all nearby internet connection options at no charge. This can be extremely useful if your 3G is nearing its end.

Datally's great help comes from the ability to show you how to use 3G in detail and to block apps that spend your data excessively.

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