How to see Instagram Stories on PC

Despite being a function created exclusively for mobile devices, Stories were created for the purpose of being viewed only on mobile devices. However, with the popularization of the stories after their arrival on Instagram, many users who still use their computer more in their daily lives showed interest in being able to see the stories and live streams on Instagram as well. Instagram solved this by letting you see Instagram Stories on your Windows 10 PC through the official app.

Follow the walkthrough below to install the app and start viewing Stories right from your computer, and check out the top 15 tips for your Instagram Stories!

How to see Instagram Stories on PC

1 - Go to the Windows 10 store - in the browser or in the Windows Store - and download the app;

2 - Search the Instagram app if accessing through the Microsoft Store app;

3 - Click Acquire to download the Instagram app;

4 - After finishing the download, click Start to access Instagram through Windows 10;

5 - Login through Facebook or email, according to the method you set up to access your Instagram profile;

6 - Just like Instagram for Android or iPhone, the Instagram Stories bar will appear at the top of the screen. Just click on one of the stories or the Watch All button to start viewing Instagram Stories on your Windows 10 PC!

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Got to see Instagram Stories on PC with our tutorial?

Through these simple steps, you can easily view the Stories of the profiles you follow on the social network, just having a computer running Windows 10. Did you have trouble downloading the application? Couldn't watch the Stories? Comment with us and tell us if you ran into any problems to see Instagram Stories on PC!

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