How to see WhatsApp Status without anyone knowing

If WhatsApp Status didn't do much for you, today the feature works very similarly to Instagram and Facebook Stories. Of course, because of this, many more users end up using the option to share videos, photos or messages from their daily lives. It also makes you more interested in seeing the status of your contacts, but not everyone wants it to be public. Fortunately, there is a way to see WhatsApp Status without anyone knowing. You can learn how to do this below!

How to see WhatsApp Status without anyone knowing

The way you prevent your contacts from knowing that you have seen their Status is very similar to the way you prevent confirmation of reading messages in your chats. Even so, it's good to know that by making the Status view secret you are doing the same with these messages.

To get started, open WhatsApp settings (either on Android or iPhone) and click on the “Account” option.

Then you must select the "Privacy" option on the next screen to continue.

Now look for the "Read Confirmation" option. By default, this feature will be enabled to let you know who read your messages, saw their Status, and vice versa.

Click the green box next to the option to disable the feature. This can be changed anytime you wish by simply returning to this same menu.

From now on, no one will know if you have seen Status or read your messages. Of course the same goes for the messages you sent and your Status.

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