How to see Wi-Fi passwords saved in Windows 10

Since its release, Windows 10 has been greatly improved and has gained several useful and interesting features. Despite almost a year of its arrival, the operating system still hides some really functional functions. One of them is the ability to view all Wi-Fi passwords that have been saved to your computer, which is extremely useful if you forget one of them at an important time. If you want to know how and where to find these passwords, just check out our tips below!

Finding Wi-Fi Passwords

To get started, right-click on the Start menu, which will bring up several options automatically. Among them, choose "Network Connections" to proceed.

This will take you to your current internet connection options, where you will see the network you are currently connected to.

To know the password of this network, right-click it and choose the "Status" option.

In the new window that appears, click "Wireless Connection Properties" to continue.

Then one more window will open. This time, you need to click the "Security" tab at the top of the window to see the password settings for this Wi-Fi network. Click on the "Show Characters" box and your password will be displayed under "Network Security Key." .

Very simple, isn't it ?! If you want to discover Wi-Fi passwords from other networks previously saved on your PC, there is also a very simple way.

Click on the start menu again with the right mouse button, but this time select the option "Command Prompt (Admin)".

You will obviously be taken to the Windows command prompt, where you will type the following command: “netsh wlan show profiles” (without the quotes, of course). Hit Enter and you will see a list of all Wi-Fi networks that have already connected with this PC.

To find out the password for one of these particular networks, type the command “netsh wlan show profile name = NetworkName key = clear” (without the quotes again). The only thing you will change is the “NetworkName” part, which is where you enter the name of the network you want to know the password for. Since you have the list of all networks right there, the task is much simpler.

Hit Enter when you enter the network name in the middle of the command and you will see the password next to the "Key Contents" line. You can do this with all other networks listed if you want, you just need to change the name on the command line as instructed.

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