How to Sell Over the Internet in 15 Tricks and Tips

Do you still leave home to sell your stuff on the street? This is a thing of the past! You can learn how to sell over the internet and make your day much more productive by increasing the number of people you can reach.

It is true that selling over the internet can be more difficult as it lacks personal or human contact. On the other hand, there are many people who do not give a damn about it and even prefer to make their purchases through the web.

Furthermore, there is no denying that the logistics process can make life difficult when shipping freight. This does not exist in personal selling. But it's no use if the people around you have no interest in what they are selling.

This way, the internet becomes a great ally. It will be through it that you can sell your products to those who may be interested and invest money in your business. Best of all, much of the selling process is done right from your home.

What do you need to learn how to sell over the internet? A computer or smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection and this article with 15 tricks and tips on how to sell over the internet!

Check it out below!

1. Sell by Instagram

Social media is a great starting point for those who want to sell on the web. With meteoric growth, Instagram has become an online showcase. Part of this is the fault of Instagram Shopping, a tool that lets you tag your products in a post.

By tagging, you can put a price on the product like a shopping tag. Instagram Shopping can be used for both Insta feed and Stories posts.

To make the most of the tool and create an online store on Instagram, the best alternative is Bagy. This service was created to facilitate this process, helping you to create an online store integrated with your social network profile. According to the site team, it takes no more than 15 minutes for you to have yours.

This site can be integrated with Instagram Shopping, which will make every product you put on your profile automatically available on the site.

Get to know Bagy better by clicking on the link and signing up to try the platform for FREE for a limited time.

2. Use the Facebook Marketplace

An easy and fast way to sell is through the Facebook marketplace. Just have a profile on the social network and access the corresponding tab in the application, as you can see in the print below:

Click Sell and choose a category;

From here, simply create a description, add photos, and enter the price of the item. You can enable location of your smartphone so that your ad is shown only to those in the immediate vicinity of your address.

3. Sell by Facebook groups

Another place you can use to sell your used products or items is Facebook groups. There are several "detachment" groups in which you can get rid of used things.

Another good reason to bet on groups is the niches. There are a multitude of groups dedicated to specific subjects. Need to sell your used games to Nintendo consoles? There is no shortage of buying and selling groups of Japanese company bonds.

Do you know what is better? You can use Facebook Marketplace to advertise your items directly in groups, without having to re-create each ad.

Let's talk about other tools and tricks on how to sell over the internet, but don't think there is nothing more to learn about Facebook. See this article with 10 more tips on how to make money with Facebook!

4. Research Prices of What You Want to Sell

Wanting to make some money selling used stuff? Be sure to research prices before creating the ad. That way you will have a better idea of ​​how much to charge.

Even if you want to sell new and self-made products, it is interesting to research similar items when composing your prices.

5. Decide if you will charge freight or deliver it in person.

One of the main advantages of learning how to sell over the internet is that you can ship your products across the country. On the other hand, this is not always advantageous.

So also consider whether you prefer to deliver your products in person or whether you will hire freight. In the second case, it is also important to research the shipping charges and consider whether to include in the price or pass the costs on to the customer.

6. Define how you will answer

If you choose to sell through Facebook, you can answer directly through Messenger, as the platform itself leaves a button for the user to contact the seller. In Instagram, you can also perform the service through Direct.

WhatsApp is an option for those who use sales sites like OLX and Mercado Livre. In this case, you can leave your phone number on the ad itself and talk to potential buyers who add you to the service.

If you prefer to sell through platforms to create online stores, the best option is to subscribe to online chat services like JivoChat. These services can integrate with your site and allow you to serve visitors from the moment they enter your pages.

Learn more about JivoChat by clicking the link and start testing it for free!

7. Capriche in the photos

A good description and good prices help sell, but a bad photo can ruin everything. Therefore, it is best to take great pictures of your products before placing your ad online.

For best results when capturing images for your ads, make sure you're in a well-lit location. Also make sure there are no elements in the photo other than the product. Ideally, you should take a photo of your product on a white background to give the necessary highlight.

See more about taking professional photos with your phone by checking out the tips in this article!

8. Create succinct and honest descriptions

Do not wrap in the description. But also don't create a description so brief that it doesn't generate any emotional reaction from who is viewing your ad.

Clarity and objectivity will always be key to a good description, even when there is little room left to make an ad more flashy. So leave information such as price, delivery and product condition. If he has a scratch or defect, it is no use trying to hide it.

The customer will notice on delivery and this may cause harm to you if you have not warned in the description. Honest and succinct descriptions are best for making your ad reliable and improving your reputation while learning how to sell over the internet.

9. Invest in Ads

If you have any money saved, you can learn how to make ads, either on social media or on sale sites. Many offer the option of paying for your ad to be more privileged in search, placing you in better positions and increasing your chance of selling.

Before you make the paid ad, it is worth considering whether investing will still make a profit when you buy your product.

For social media ads like Facebook and Instagram, ideally you should learn a lot about how they work and take small tests. In this way you will learn how to use them both in theory and in practice. Check out some online courses on social media ads by visiting this page.

10. Follow up on incoming messages

You have taken excellent pictures of your products for sale, created a good description with objectivity, and already received some questions from the service you have defined. What to do now?

Do not drop the shuttlecock!

That means not letting the conversations get cold. Set a time limit for someone to respond to a message you have sent. Normally, we recommend waiting 24 hours for a response.

After this time limit, send a message asking if the user is still interested in your product. Not everyone will answer you, but you increase your chances of closing sales when you follow up, as you can see in the print below of a recent sale I made at OLX:

11. Affiliate Selling

Until the previous tip, we show you the platforms you can use to learn how to sell over the internet, and then the top tips to make it happen. From this tip on, let's show other ways to make web sales.

The first is through affiliate marketing. This sales category allows you to sell products from other people or companies. The practice is ideal for those who publish content on blogs and social networks.

How do affiliations work?

You sign up for an affiliate platform or affiliate program for a specific product. From there, you get a personalized link where each user who clicks and makes a purchase earns you a commission.

If you already have a content channel where you post your post ideas, you can use your own influence to sell products instead of creating something from scratch. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube or Instagram.

12. Sell Your Own Creations

What do you think about selling your own creations? If you are succeeding in selling used products, you can start creating new products. After all, at some point your used ones will be gone.

If you have any handicrafts such as sewing or crafts, you can put them up for sale by following the internet selling tips we have shown throughout the article.

13. Sell Digital Products

If you're like me, you probably don't have the craftsmanship to create crafts or other items you can sell. But that doesn't mean we should give up on creating!

In that case, just think about selling digital products. Ebooks, problem solving programs, or online courses are some types of products sold over the Internet that can become profitable.

Most of these products can be sold in sales apps or social media.

14. Provide Online Services

Why sell only products if you can use these same platforms to sell services online? If you have the ability to do video editing, use photo editors or are a longtime blogger, you may well be freelancing and selling your services online.

That way you can supplement your income or start a new career!

15. Sell online courses

One of the digital products you can sell but deserves a topic of its own. The difference between online courses and other digital products is that the course can become a source of fixed income.

Depending on the subject, just make timely updates to the content and continue to sell your course. Other benefits of selling online courses is the chance to build authority in the niche you have chosen.

Learn more ways to sell over the internet!

Now that you know some tips for selling your products over the Internet - whether they are online classes or your used clothing - the time has come to expand your ways to supplement your income online.

So, don't leave without checking out these 65 sites to make money online daily!

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