How to send an auto responder through WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp may be the largest messaging app around today, but that doesn't mean it has all the features we'd like to see in an app of this size. In fact, there are still very basic functions that are lacking there, such as automatic responses, for example. These answers are extremely useful for those who can't keep an eye on WhatsApp all day, but also don't want to leave their contacts unanswered. Fortunately, there are very simple ways to bring automatic messages to WhatsApp, as you can see in our tutorial below!

WhatsApp Automatic Answers

As mentioned earlier, there is no native auto-responder feature in WhatsApp, nor is there any indication that its developers are working on something like this for the future. The good news is that we can use a free and lightweight app that lets you create and send these automatic messages when it's not available to answer your contacts manually.

The app in question is called “Can't Talk” and can be downloaded to Android devices via this link. Unfortunately, there is not yet an iPhone version.

With the app installed on your smartphone, click its icon to open it.

You will see the "Auto reply message" option at the top of the screen. This is the message that will be sent automatically when the app is active and you cannot reply. By default, it will be in English, but just tap this text box so you can type whatever you want.

You will then see some of its basic functions with a small button beside them to activate. The first options are very basic: SMS and Calls. If you want to use the app for some of them, just click the button we mentioned.

What really interests us is the third option: “Apps”. When you click the button next to it, Can't Talk will show you a list of your installed apps that you can use with it.

Look for WhatsApp in this list and click it to let Can't Talk send the automatic message through it. Then return to the previous menu and save your changes.

When everything is set up the way you want, just click the button next to “Can't Talk” at the top right of the screen. It is this button that enables or disables the operation of the application.

So we recommend that you leave it on only when you can't really answer your contacts on WhatsApp, otherwise it will send the auto-reply to everyone anytime you receive a new message.

Pretty simple to use Can't Talk, isn't it ?! You can still check out our video tutorial below if you prefer!

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