How to send GIFs in Facebook chat

In a recent update, Facebook has included the option to search and send GIFs to your contacts through chat windows. In the past, it was necessary to install specific external applications that did not always work so well, but now everything is much simpler. You can check out how to send any GIF to your friends with our tutorial and tips below. Check out!

Send GIFs via Facebook

The newness of GIFs on Facebook can already be found in both browser and Facebook Messenger, if the application is properly updated. This initiative was made possible by a social networking partnership with the GIF Keyboard folks who did a great job of implementing GIFs in chat.

To access them is quite simple. First, go to your Facebook page in the browser and open a chat window with one of your contacts. You will see the normal space for writing your messages and symbols from a camera, an emoji and the word GIF on the side. Click on it and you will see some GIFs available soon and dear.

These will be some of the most recently added GIFs as well as some very popular ones. You can look at all of these or look for something more specific. To do this, just go to the search bar and type whatever you want, as we did in the image below.

You are likely to find several options, and you can scroll down to see dozens of other GIFs. When you find one of your own, just click on it and the file will be sent to your friend right away.

Pretty simple, isn't it? You can do this in both the browser and the Facebook Messenger app, as it has the same GIF button in its interface.

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