How to share Instagram link on WhatsApp

Did you know that you can send your Instagram post ideas to your WhatsApp contacts? Best of all, learning how to share Instagram links on WhatsApp is quick and easy!

There are several reasons why submitting your posts is a good deal. The first one is that, unlike conventional social media, on WhatsApp communication is straightforward. That is, your post link will not be competing with many other types of posts, as happens in the news feed.

In addition, you can create broadcast lists by sending your content to contacts interested in it. This can increase your chances of getting more post engagement. Ideal for anyone looking to make money on Instagram.

Why share Insta links to WhatsApp?

You can also learn how to share Instagram links on WhatsApp to inform your contact list of any promotions or discounts you are making to sell over the internet. These are some of the possibilities when sharing.

Understand why learning how to share Instagram links on WhatsApp can help you on social networks? As a strategy to gain Instagram followers from your WhatsApp contacts!

So check out the walkthrough below and start sending what you post on Instagram to your WhatsApp contacts now!

How to share Instagram link on WhatsApp

1 - Open Instagram and find a post you want to share through WhatsApp;

2 - Click on the three vertical dots icon next to the username that posted the post;

3 - Now click on Share Link… ;

4 - Choose WhatsApp ;

5 - Select the contact, broadcast list or WhatsApp group you want to share the link to;

6 - Just confirm sending the link by clicking on the green message arrow;

Bonus - Alternatively, you can also share the link in your WhatsApp Status;

How to upload videos from IGTV through WhatsApp

Remember that only feed posts can be shared. You can also submit video links from IGTV. The process is quite similar, but the work is just a little more manual.

First, click on the IGTV icon;

Open the video you want to share via WhatsApp.

Again, click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots;

Click Copy Link ;

Now start your WhatsApp and open a conversation, group or broadcast list. Press the chat bar for a few seconds and click Paste to place the IGTV video link.

Then simply confirm the message as you had done before.

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