How to solve Steam slowdown problem

Steam is one of the most successful platforms today and is used by virtually anyone who loves to play PC games, as you can buy thousands of titles from different eras at very cheap prices. Unfortunately, the application can cause some very annoying problems for no apparent reason, especially after certain updates. The most common is that Steam is very slow, making use almost impossible most of the time. To know how to solve this situation, just check out our tips below!

Solving Steam Slow

You may notice that Steam is slow as soon as you start it on your PC. Although you can access your game library, the store page keeps loading in these situations. It can also be quite difficult to open certain games when Steam is slow, but the biggest problems will surely be in the app itself and not in the games.

To resolve, click the "Steam" button at the top left of the software screen as shown in the image below:

Then click on the "settings" option to proceed.

This will open a new window full of application options and settings. Choose the "Web Browser" tab.

Now choose “Delete Browser Cache”

To confirm the action, just click "OK" and wait for the process to complete. This may also be a bit slow, but it is normal for the problematic state of the app.

When the cache is cleared, you should already notice a difference in Steam performance, but if you still notice a problem, it is good to close and restart Steam.

Pretty simple, isn't it? Unfortunately the problem may happen more often later, but just repeat the process we teach here to fix Steam.

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