How to transfer your files between Android and Mac

File transfer between iPhone and Mac is always very easy, as is file transfer between Android and normal PCs. What really causes consumers doubt is the integration between Android and Apple computers, as they weren't necessarily designed to work together. Fortunately, this is a very simple procedure and there are applications that make it easy to connect the two platforms. You can check how to do this in the article below!

1. Handshaker

Handshaker is one of our top recommendations for anyone who needs to connect Android to their Mac or Macbook, whether it's transferring files, photos and videos, or syncing devices. It is necessary to install the software on both platforms, but the procedure is quite simple.

In addition, the app has a very easy to understand interface and allows the account with a very fast transfer rate. You can check more about the app and download it through this link.

2. AirDroid

AidDroid is well known for allowing Android to quickly connect to any computer, including the Mac. Instead of using cables, this application uses your internet network to sync both devices and allow file transfer.

Additionally, you can take screenshots, check your messages, and organize Android folders through your connected computer. You can download the app through this link and use the online version on Mac at this other link.

3. SHAREit

SHAREit is another great option for you to transfer your files or sync your Android directly with your Mac or Macbook. Similar to AirDroid, this app creates a direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices and allows them to communicate easily.

The transfer speed is very fast, which is a great plus compared to other similar apps. You can download the app via this link for Android and this one for Mac.

4. FTP

FTP is a different method and not as recommended for casual users as it has an unfriendly interface. Still, it is an option to perform file transfer between Android and Apple computers.

You will need to set up an FTP server on your computer to connect to Android, which is not so difficult, but can be annoying for those without experience in the subject. You can check how to do this at this link.

Could you connect Android to Mac?

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