How to turn off notifications for Facebook Live streams

Facebook Live is a great feature for streaming live directly to your social network account, but that doesn't mean you want to receive notifications of all the videos made by your friends or pages you like. Fortunately, there's a pretty simple way to turn off these notifications, even though Facebook itself doesn't make it so clear. To learn how to do this without difficulty, just check out our top tips in the tutorial below!

Disabling Facebook Live Notifications

To get started, open your Facebook account in your preferred browser on your computer. Look for the Earth symbol at the top right of the screen, as highlighted in the image below:

Clicking on this symbol will see your old notifications, but there will be two options above them. Click on "Settings" to proceed.

You will be taken to a new full screen of options regarding your social network notifications. A little further down you will see the option "Live Videos" which will be enabled.

By clicking the "On" button, you can choose to keep this option or to change to "Suggestions Off" or "All Off."

To no longer receive any notifications from Facebook Live, simply choose “All Off”. The change will be saved automatically and you will be able to return to the social network homepage as normal. From then on, Facebook will no longer send you notifications about it, but you'll still see broadcasts normally on your timeline.

Of course, you can change these settings at any time if you decide you want to hear back about future broadcasts by choosing “Enabled” again.

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