How to turn on Windows 10 night mode easily

With its recent birthday update, Windows 10 has received a kind of night mode for people to use in darker environments. While not working exactly like the night mode of Android or iPhone, this feature can still be useful for those who have bright light sensitivity at night. To see how you can turn on and use Windows night mode at any time, just check out our tips below!

Windows 10 Night Mode

As we mentioned, the night mode feature is only present in Windows 10 for those who have already performed the system anniversary update. Since it has been available for a few months, it is very likely that you already have it on your computer.

To get started, click on the start menu and click the "Settings" button in the left corner of the screen, as we highlight in the image below:

Then a new window will open some important system options. Click on "Personalization" to continue.

You will be taken to the Windows customization settings, where you should choose the "Colors" option on the left side of the screen.

Enter the new settings, scroll down and click "Night" under the "Choose Application Mode" option.

There you have already switched to Windows 10 night mode! As you may have noticed, most applications and system screens have turned a darker shade for easier viewing at night. Even the home screen wallpaper is swapped for an all-black background.

This can easily be changed to normal mode if you go back to the customization menu and choose the "Clear" option again.

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