How to unfollow on Instagram with these 6 apps

Few things are more frustrating on Instagram than following profiles that aren't following you back. Of course, commercial profiles such as companies and brands do not usually really seek to follow all users who follow their scheduled posts on the social network, but when it comes to regular users, the situation is not the same.

Ever wonder who you are currently following but who is not following you back? If so and you want to find out who they are and how to stop following on Instagram, we have prepared this list of apps to help you.

Unfollow on Instagram with IG: dm

IG: dm is a really robust and full featured Windows, macOS and Linux application available to help you manage your Instagram profile.

Here you can find users and start conversations on Direct from your PC, quote messages or view high quality images sent by chat and of course generate a list of users who are not following you back.

To do this is very simple, just follow this sequence of steps below and you will be able to identify who does not follow so you can stop following on Instagram.

Step 1: Get started by downloading the app by going to this link and installing the version according to your operating system.

Step 2: Then simply install the app and log in using your Instagram credentials. If you've enabled 2-step verification, you'll also need to enter the code sent to your email.

Step 3: After logging in, you will see the main application screen, which displays contacts you already have conversations with in Direct on the left. Here, just hover over your profile picture and click on the " Users not following back " option.

Step 4: On the next screen, you will see all users who already follow, but do not follow you back. Here, to unfollow on Instagram, simply click the Unfollow button located below each of them, as indicated by the red arrow.

Ready! It's very simple, don't you think? The biggest advantage is that the application is completely free, you do not have to pay any monthly fee or even register to access this feature. It can be easily used and can help you especially when automatically following users on Instagram.

Even IG: dm is not the only application that performs this function. Check out a list of 5 alternatives so you can easily unfollow on Instagram for those who aren't following you back.

1. Reports +

For starters, Reports + is a great app available for both iOS and Android. It also allows you to keep track of those who are not following you back and most of all you can download it for free. In addition to these functions, it also has other tools for you to identify who blocked you, follow new visitors on your profile, among others. Access the link to download it!

2. Followers Pro +

Followers Pro + is only available on iOS, but it's also free and features a lot of data about your followers. In addition to showing who doesn't follow you back and making it easy to stop following on Instagram, it offers features so you can keep track of your posts' engagement and even manage multiple accounts. Sign in directly from the App Store.

3. Unfollow Users

If what you want isn't exactly knowing which of your followers isn't following you, it's even simpler. Unfollow Users is an application designed exclusively for you to unfollow on Instagram, allowing you to unfollow up to 10 users at once. It is free and available for Android, check it out!

4. Followers Insight

Followers Insight is one of the largest and most robust apps for managing your Instagram profile. It shows your acquired or lost followers, allows you to monitor followers deemed “loyal, ” who engage with your publications, and of course also lets you stop following those who don't follow you back.

If you're using a tool to automatically follow on Instagram, Followers Insight is a great addition to tracking your results.

It also makes it possible to manage more than one account at a time. The app can be used for free, but it also offers premium features for users who have tried and liked its features. Access the links to download it on iOS or Android!

5. Instrack

To finish our list, Instrack is another excellent option. It's only available for iOS devices, and has a huge variety of solutions for managing your Instagram account.

Here you can identify how many people do not follow you back, but in order for you to unfollow on Instagram and view their profile, unfortunately you will need to buy the paid plan of the app. Go through the link and check it out.

Did you get these apps to unfollow on Instagram?

Did you already know or use any of these solutions to track those who are not following you back? Tell us in the comments if we can help you find the perfect app for your needs! Also check out our list of apps to draw on Instagram!

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