How to use control on Android with Bluetooth

While smartphone touch screens are good for virtually any application, you can't say that normal control is not needed during some games available on Android. Fortunately, there are many controls with Bluetooth technology that can be added and commonly used on your mobile device. This even includes console controls like the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, for example. Best of all, it's very simple to connect and use control on Android via this method, as you can check it out in the tutorial below!

Use control on Android

As we mentioned, you can use any type of control on Android as long as it has Bluetooth. This goes for official console controls or even for alternate controls from other manufacturers. In this tutorial, we will use a Nintendo Switch controller, but the example is for any type of controller with this technology.

To get started, you need to make sure that your Android phone or tablet's Bluetooth is properly enabled. To do this, open the device settings and click "Bluetooth."

Then click the button next to "Off" to turn on the feature.

With it turned on, you will see the list of devices that have already been paired with your device and the list of available devices that have not yet been connected to it.

Now grab your controller and press its Bluetooth button for a few seconds, which should make some of the controller light come on. If you do not know where the bluetooth button of your specific control is located, just do a quick search on the model used.

However, this will show control in the menu of devices available on your mobile phone. In our case, it appears as “Joy-Con”, but yours may appear as “Bluetooth Controller” or even “Wireless Controller”.

Click on it and Android will ask if you want to pair the device with your smartphone. Select the "Pair" option to proceed.

The connection will be made automatically, so just wait a few seconds. You will then see that the controller is properly connected and can now be used on your Android.

Remember that the control can be used not only in games and applications, but can also navigate Android menus normally. You can manually turn off the control in Bluetooth settings or you can simply turn off Bluetooth when you are finished using it.

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