How to use FoodFriends to find new restaurants

Recently launched, FoodFriends is an app that brings together food fans and tries to create a social experience, allowing these people to meet and try new restaurants in their area. Using a variety of filters - such as location and price range - you can search for restaurants that fit the type of cuisine you want to try. We wrote a review about FoodFriends here on AppTuts, and this time we offer a step by step to use FoodFriends and start looking for fork mates for your journey to the perfect dish. Remember that the application is available for Android and iPhone.

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How to use FoodFriends to find new restaurants

1 - Open the application and create your registration with name, email and create your password. It is also possible to register directly through your Facebook;

2 - You can already invite users from the home screen. Remember that they are not filtered and may be people from all over the world. To start a conversation, click on the users you find interesting;

3 - Confirm the button “ Let's eat together! ”And a chat window will open as per the screenshot below;

4 - Returning to the home screen, you can apply filters to the people on your list, thus preventing people from all locations and tastes from appearing. To start setting up filters, tap the green button labeled Filter and include the scope of your search for different categories, such as location, age, and favorite types of cuisine. Confirm the red button at the bottom of the screen;

5 - To filter the type of restaurants you want to search, return to the home screen and click on the icon with three horizontal lines, located in the upper left corner of the screen;

6 - Choose the option Restaurants ;

7 - Just like in the people filter, you can use FoodFriends to choose the type of restaurant you want to find, as well as the radius of establishments near your location. To see them on a map, just click the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

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Did you get to use FoodFriends?

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