How to use Galaxy S8 with one hand

Despite its screen size, the Galaxy S8 has left no users with smaller hands unassisted. One-handed mode returns to the latest edition of Samsung's flagship smartphone line. Through it, you can reduce the size of what is shown on the phone screen, improving accessibility for those who need to use the Galaxy S8 with one hand. There are two ways to use this mode on your phone, which you can check out in our tutorial below!

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How to use Galaxy S8 with one hand

Access the settings of your Galaxy S8 and go to the advanced options of the device. One of these options will be the one-handed mode for the Galaxy S8, tap the option to enable it and choose which control scheme will be in that mode.

Once you have enabled it, there are two ways to enable the one-handed mobile phone functionality. Are they:

Could you use the Galaxy S8 with just one hand?

Needed a way like this for situations where you can't hold the phone with both hands? Do you think it has made your life easier or prefer to use it normally instead of the reduced screen? Comment with us and tell us if you have any questions!

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