How to use hashtag and location of Stories on Instagram

As the most widely used social network this year, Instagram has been the testing lab for Facebook itself, considering that functions such as Instagram's own Stories were first used on it before reaching Messenger or even Facebook itself. Being found on Instagram depends on two important factors: how you use hashtags and location in your posts. To learn how to use them in Stories and boost your profile, check out the walkthrough below!

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How to use hashtag and location of Stories on Instagram

1 - Make your Stories normally with the camera;

2 - In the editing screen, proceed to include text;

3 - Insert hashtags pertinent to the theme of your Instagram story;

4 - After placing the hashtags, click on the icon to add stickers;

5 - Touch the Location icon;

6 - Search or select one of the locations from the list to add it;

7 - Tap Next and publish your story.

How to find posts by location or hashtags on Instagram Stories

1 - Access your Stories and click on the location you included;

2 - Tap View Location ;

3 - Top and most recent posts made with the location will appear in the feed.

How to Find Stories hashtag posts on Instagram

The process for finding posts by hashtags is similar to that of locations, just access your story and click on the term you want to see, confirming the View hashtag button. In addition, you can use Instagram search to search for the same term by checking the top and most recent posts.

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How do you use hashtags and location in your Stories?

Now that we've shown you the way to use Instagram's top interaction tools, it's your turn to tell us: How do you use the hashtags and location of Instagram Stories? Tell us in the comments section!

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