How to use mLabs to manage social media

Managing social media is not an easy job. For those who think the job requires just learning how to poll on Instagram or figuring out how to copy Instagram text, we assure you that you are wrong.

Managing social media requires discipline first and foremost. Because we're working on what is considered the biggest source of distraction these days, staying focused is a harder task than in other industries, even using journaling applications to list our tasks.

If you have trouble scheduling Instagram posts - something that is not possible natively - or coordinating the posts you will post to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Stories profile, we know very well what you are going through. But luckily software like mLabs exists!

In a partnership between AppTuts and mLabs, we created a complete walkthrough of how to use mLabs to manage social media!

Benefits of mLabs for Managing Social Media

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