How to watch the iPhone 7 revelation event

The iPhone 7 unveiling event is just a short time away. After a year filled with rumors - which we even listed here on AppTuts - the time to know what the real functions of Apple's next smartphone will be will happen on September 7 at 2 pm Brasília time.

The event will be broadcast to Apple's own devices, and can also be watched on Android devices and Windows OS computers. To keep up with the iPhone 7 reveal event, just find the device you want to watch the broadcast.


Apple devices are the ones that require the least of the user to keep up with the transmission. Just open the Safari browser and access the broadcast link for the event.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

As with Mac, iPhone 7's revelation can be accessed by opening the Safari browser and accessing the same link posted to Mac computers.

Windows 10

For the first time, one of the versions of Windows will be able to attend the conference, as the versions of Safari for the Microsoft operating system did not contain the necessary plugins for the display and, in fact, still do not have. However, Microsoft Edge - which replaces Internet Explorer - can access the broadcast link and track the iPhone 7 unveiling, just like Apple's own devices.

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Android and Windows versions of 8.1 down

There is no official method for watching Apple broadcast via Android devices and past versions of Windows. However, there is a workaround that will allow the user of these devices to also follow smartphone ads. Follow the steps below:

1 - Download and install the VLC program to play the broadcast. The software can be downloaded on Windows and Android;

2 - Open the app;

3 - Go to the tab "Media" and select the option "Open Network Stream" ;

4 - In the "URL" field, copy and paste the link to watch the broadcast. After this step, just play and watch the revelations!

What features do you think will be demonstrated in the iPhone 7 reveal?

Rumors strongly point to the inclusion of the dual camera in the Plus edition and the removal of the 3.5mm jack for standard headphones. While the camera rumor may turn out to be true, we still don't think the next Apple phone will abandon the headphone jack. Another rumor points that a converter will accompany the smartphone case, which makes the absence a possibility. But and you? What must-see features you think will be on the iPhone 7?

Remember that the event will be broadcast globally on September 7, a Wednesday and Independence holiday, at 2:00 pm GMT. Follow and comment with us!

Source: iPhone Hacks

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