Influx does not work? Here is the best alternative

At Instagram's request, the Influx Social tool was forced to pause its activities, as posted on its official page. While Influx doesn't work as the company is trying to match its proposal to the terms of social networking, there is an alternative it can use to attract more followers to its profile by leveraging its presence on social networks. Called Managegram, it automatically searches, likes, and follows profiles related to your business, allowing you to grow your network and reach by allowing it to interact with these pages. Get to know some of its main features!

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What is Gestãogram?

Managegram is a web application that connects to your Instagram profile to automate some of the tasks, including enjoying posts and following profiles as needed. The user sets some profile parameters to follow in the application settings, and from there, the Managergram takes over and does an Instagram search, distributing the notorious likes and following these pages.

Because social media sends a notification to each new follower, the likelihood of being followed back is high given its ease. Managegram works with the following parameters to perform its activities. Are they:

What did you think about Gestãogram?

After learning a little more about this web app, it's time for you to make your own comments about the Manager: did the app proposal work for you? Got to boost the number of followers on your Instagram? Tell us about your experience in our comment session!

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