Instagram DM: How to use automatic directs?

Although not the most popular messenger, more and more Instagram DM is being used by Insta users.

Those who use Instagram Stories a lot, for example, must have gotten used to the messenger. Sending a message through Instagram Direct is one of two ways to interact with content posted on the platform, in addition to poll stickers or the recently launched Insta tests.

But how do you use the tool to serve your followers while making it a sales machine? After all, Instagram Shopping isn't the only place you can sell on the social network!

To teach you how to manage your Instagram DM, we'll use the Bume app. The automatic like service has a unique area for handling your directs, as well as allowing you to create automated message templates.

Check out how to get organized and use Bume's tools to better serve your Instagram Direct followers and customers!

What can you do with Bume directs?

Bume lets you use Insta Messenger in a variety of ways. The most common among auto-like apps on Instagram is the direct welcome to new followers.

It consists of setting up an automatic message that is sent as soon as the user clicks the Follow button on their profile. Your goal is to initiate communication with this follower, making it easy to turn them into a lead for your business.

On the other hand, this is not the only type of automatic message you can configure. You can promote promotions, contests and sweepstakes on Instagram through the tool. Here's how to create Bume messaging campaigns to distribute to your followers!

Instagram DM: Creating Campaigns with Bume

The first step is to log in to your Bume account to access the control panel. Then choose Direct Messages .

In this menu, you must click Create Campaign to start your first. Then name this campaign. Remember that this name should be simple and easy to recognize.

Then define whether the message will reach all followers, only those who start following you or who has followed you before.

Finally, create 3 different message templates to reach this audience. When done, click Save and Activate .

This is the simple method for managing Instagram DM through Bume. Keep reading for some variations and codes you can include in messages.

Instagram DM Codes and Variations

The first code you can use in automated messaging is ideal for customizing content. In order for your direct to mention each user it has submitted, enter the code @username .

This way, the user who opens your message will see their own name displayed.

If showing username is not a good deal for you, there are two more ways to refer your follower. Bume allows you to configure Insta directs to call them by their full name or just their first name.

In order for it to mention the full name, you must place the code {fullname} in the message. The other alternative follows the same pattern by simply inserting { firstname } in direct.

Another tip for making your message templates more diverse and less generic is to use word variations. As with name, codes for varying words in an automated message are simple and easy.

For example, if your message says “go now to check out amazing deals!” But you want this text to vary, you can trade promotions for discounts and offers by automatically merging those words.

To do this, follow this example: “sign in now for amazing discounts .” It's worth mentioning that using variations helps make your directs more authentic!

Another interesting fact to remember is that you can use Instagram DM automatic messages to post links from your own site. There is no code for this, just insert the link in the message and it will appear correctly in directs!

Try the Bume for free!

Now that you know some of the possibilities Bume offers in Direct, it's time for you to try it out for yourself!

Bume is offering new users 5 days of FREE messaging platform testing, likes and post scheduling.

Are you curious? Then click on the link and sign up now to start your tests!

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