IPad Mini Games: The 31 Best and Most Fun

Since its original model, iPads have always been considered the best tablets on the market, something that remains today. Of course, not everyone has adapted well to the large size of Apple's big tablets, prompting the company to create the popular iPad Mini. The various versions of the small tablet have always been well received, even because they are very powerful, cheaper and comfortable to use. And the iPad Mini games follow the same line

With such a device in hand, you can't help but want to enjoy the best mobile games available on the App Store, right? With that in mind, we have prepared a very neat list of some of the most interesting iPad Mini games. Check it out below!

1. Dead Runner

As the name implies, in Dead Runner you have to run nonstop and as fast as possible through a very scary forest. You will encounter a number of obstacles that intensify as you reach a greater distance, and you must dodge numerous trees that can be fatal in a collision.

The cool thing is that you can move your iPad Mini according to obstacles to dodge, which makes the game even more fun and tense. There are two different modes you can try, one where you earn points for the distance you reach and the other for the amount of trees you divert. Download Dead Runner from this link.

2. Five Nights at Freddy's

Since we're talking about horror games, we also have to mention Five Nights at Freddy's. As always, you play as a night watchman in an old restaurant full of electronic animals that can kill you anytime if you're not careful.

Even after a few sequences, the game managed to maintain its claustrophobic atmosphere and the incredible amount of scares it has always featured. If you want a game to scare you at night, there is no better option. Download Five Nights at Freddy's from this link.

3. Year Walk

Year Walk is a bit different from the games we mentioned on this list, as it has more to offer than simple scares with predictable monsters. Its sinister narrative and clever puzzles can make anyone afraid without being so obvious.

During the game, you will control a character through a forest while solving puzzles and watch the story unfold. Since the game makes a lot more sense in person, we recommend you download it from this link and try it as soon as possible.

4. Hunter Island

Hunter Island, on the other hand, is a perfect game for those who have always wanted something Pokémon-style on mobile. Besides being able to capture up to 350 little monsters, it is possible to engage in very fun and strategic battles.

One of the good points of this game compared to other Pokémon clones is that there are no annoying free-to-play mechanics. This means that if you purchase the game, there will be no need to make in-app purchases to make progress. You can download Hunter Island through this link.

5. Terraria

With certain mechanics reminiscent of Minecraft, the Terraria game goes a step further and includes a better crafted story mode. It is basically a never-ending 2D platform game, despite presenting an ending to the main plot.

You can fight monsters, venture underground, store resources, find armor and weapons, mingle with other characters, and even build a house to live in. Best of all, each world is randomly generated when you start a new game, which guarantees plenty of variety for each player. You can download the game through this link.

6. X-Com Enemy Unknown

Already X-Com Enemy Unkown is a completely tactical game and the best quality you could imagine, even being considered at the level of console games. Best of all, the controls are so crafted that they look very natural on the touch screen, especially on the iPad.

As you might expect from such a big game, you can enjoy it for tens of hours without any repetition or fatigue. The difficulty is also fairly fair and gradually increases, giving the player a chance to learn the mechanics over time. Click here to download the game.

7. Pope Blood

We know that sound plays one of the most important roles in horror, especially to create the right mood, but can you imagine a game that only uses that element to scare you? Papa Sangre is really different compared to other horror games, but still manages to be very effective.

With the help of realistic 3D audio, Papa Sangre is complete darkness and you need to guide yourself through a maze using only the sounds around you. This means that besides having to look for sounds of possible outputs, it is necessary to know where the monsters are to avoid them. Click here to download it and find out more!

8. FTL: Faster Than Light

If you are looking for a really challenging game for times without internet, we recommend you buy Faster Than Light. In it, you need to travel through space and shoot enemy ships until you reach your destination.

The premise is pretty simple, but as the game randomly generates challenges, it's hard to predict anything and put together a strategy, which makes the player have to think and act very fast, making it exciting and one of the best. games for iPad Mini. Click here to check and download Faster Than Light on your device.

9. Magic

Magic remains one of the most popular card games of our generation, so it's no wonder there's a mobile version available on the App Store. This version is as enjoyable for experienced players as it is for beginners, as it is possible to learn the rules without much difficulty.

The cool thing is that in addition to playing in campaign mode, you can build and customize your own decks and fight with your friends. The biggest downside is that it has certain performance issues on older devices. You can download the mobile version of Magic at this link.

10. The Walking Dead: The Game

For those who like The Walking Dead, this game is a perfect opportunity to see the franchise in a very different way. In this game made by Telltale Games, you will follow the lives of some characters who do not appear in the TV series or comics, but this has its benefits.

In addition to getting to know these new characters more intimately, you will be responsible for making important decisions in their lives. All this leads to different and very exciting paths, as the plot is very well written and detailed. You can download the game through this link and enjoy one of the best games for iPad Mini.

11. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If you don't know it yet, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is already a true gaming classic, originally released for PCs and the first Xbox. In this mobile version, we have the same experience with slight changes only in gameplay.

In the game, you control a character whose characteristics are shaped by the player himself and who can become a Jedi or a Sith, taking into account their actions during missions. The plot is very engaging and well crafted, ensuring many challenges and moral issues along the way. Click here to download the game.

12. Infinity Blade III

The Infinity Blade franchise has always been very successful on the App Store, especially when the first iPhones and iPads were released. With Infinity Blade III the situation has not changed much and the game continues to win fans from all over the world. No wonder we put it on our list of best iPad Mini games.

It is a very traditional RPG and has very beautiful visuals and full of details. Its controls are also intuitive and work very well with the touch screen. Since it is possible to play for hours without the need for internet, we recommend that you try it as soon as possible. You can download it through this link.

13. Sudoku

Sometimes the best way to pass the time is to enjoy a traditional game like good old Sudoku. In this version of iOS, the classic puzzle game can be downloaded for free and contains hundreds of fun and complicated challenges to solve.

As you might imagine, everything is very simple, from the visual to the controls scheme, but that turns out to be a plus for a game like this. If you are looking for a relaxing way to get distracted without the internet, we suggest you download Sudoku via this link.

14. Dungeon Link

Dungeon Link is more than perfect for those who like RPG and Puzzle games, offering hours of fun without costing a penny. It offers very easy gameplay to learn and can be very addictive right from the start.

You can choose a hero to represent you in a series of battles against enemies in a grand adventure full of strategies. You can also unlock other heroes and take them on your team, which you can upgrade whenever you have enough resources. This makes it considered to be one of the best iPad Mini games.

Plus, you can play online with people from all over the world or team up with your friends to face new battles. Click here to download Dungeon Link on your iOS.

15. Stealth Inc

For those who like platform games, Stealth Inc has remained one of the best options for a long time. It has been very successful on computers and consoles, but has repeated the dose on Apple mobile devices with its fun gameplay and clever puzzles.

You control a small training clone who must go through various challenges to hack and disable certain control terminals. You need to avoid traps, security cameras and use shadows in your favor, which will probably yield you many attempts at certain stages. Click here to download the game.

16. The Woods

The Woods is more psychologically terrifying, putting you in a first-person perspective in a haunted forest in the best style of "The Blair Witch." As the forest itself is very open and dense, it is extremely easy for the player to feel the loneliness and vulnerability that the game goes through. One of the best iPad Mini games for those who like the classic psychological horror.

Your task is nothing less than to drive out the demons who are in such a forest, having to find the lost pages of a ritual book. Of course this is not easy with the amount of entities you will encounter along the way. You can check out the game at this link.

17. Prisoner 84

As the name implies, Prisoner 84 puts you in the place of a prisoner who needs to escape from a well-guarded and security-filled prison. You will need to avoid obstacles, fight other prisoners and solve very interesting puzzles.

These puzzles range from using items to unlock doors to having to enter different security codes on well protected ports. Download it through this link.

18. Agricultural

If you're one of those who loves farm games, Agricola is certainly one of the best options you can find on iOS. In it, you will have to form your family while expanding your farm, planting seeds and raising various animals. The game is an adaptation of a board game, but it can still be considered one of the best iPad Mini games.

The game is very fun, being a great adaptation of a board game of the same name. You can play alone or invite your friends to make the game more complex and longer. As you only need to use one device for these multiplayer matches, there is no need for internet connection. You can download the game through this link.

19. Monument Valley

It is quite possible that you have heard of Monument Valley, which in addition to being very popular with iOS users, was also considered one of the best mobile games of the past year. The game is very beautiful and a great choice for those who like challenging puzzle games.

It starts with simpler puzzles and gradually increases its difficulty, making the player strive a little harder. This is basically the perfect game either to pass the time when you are bored or when you really want to play something fun and addictive. Click here to download it to your device.

20. Hitman: Sniper

Hitman is another very famous and popular franchise on PCs and consoles that has finally won a mobile version for iOS. Hitman: Sniper is basically a first person shooter that has been a big hit lately, becoming one of the best iPad Mini games.

You play as a killer and get several different targets to exterminate in the more than 150 missions offered by the game. The game is a lot of fun and worth checking out, especially if you like stealth games. Click here to download it.

21. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity, the city simulator games franchise has always been a lot of fun and successful on PCs, but now it gets better with the ability to play on our smartphones and tablets. As with other games in the series, you can build your city and see it grow slowly.

Since the game is free-to-play, you end up with some annoying waiting time to get resources and items without buying anything, but you can play it smoothly. When you least expect it, you'll be addicted to SimCity BuildIt and you won't even care about it. Click this link to download the game.

22. Crossy Road

Despite being extremely simple, Crossy Road is one of the funniest iPad Mini games, much like the old arcade Frogger. All you have to do is help a chicken (or other unlockable animals) cross the street.

It sounds easy, but in fact it can be quite challenging, especially when you can get further and further. The colorful look makes everything more enjoyable in this addictive game, which you can download directly from this link.

23. Minecraft Pocket

If we recommend Terraria, we couldn't help but mention Minecraft in this list. In the Pocket version for iPad, you can do exactly what you do in the original version, from building amazing scenarios to playing in survival mode.

Of course there are some limitations to what we find on computers, but the game still impresses with the amount of content offered in the mobile version. If you want to take Minecraft everywhere, this is your perfect opportunity. Click this link to download it.

24. Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon is exactly that kind of franchise that seems to never fail and is always able to win new fans around the world. So of course it couldn't be long before Nintendo put its adorable pocket monsters on our smartphones and tablets, making it one of the best iPad Mini games.

Pokémon Shuffle is surprisingly good and fun, with mechanics a bit like Candy Crush, but much fairer and less appealing. You can battle various Pokémon and capture them to upgrade your team of monsters. Plus, there are always daily and weekly challenges that ensure there's always something new for you to enjoy. Click here to download Pokemon Shuffle.

25. Limbo

Another much praised indie game is Limbo, which has gone beyond the popularity of Monument Valley and has actually managed to win over 100 different awards and titles for its quality content and smart and challenging puzzles.

The look couldn't be simpler and prettier at the same time, since everything is in shades of gray and black, making things even more mysterious. To download and play this beautiful game on your smartphone or tablet, just click this link.

26. Speedy Ninja

As the name implies, you play as a very fast ninja in this game, battling all the enemies that appear in front of you. There are several weapons you can unlock to use while facing various opponents, such as swords and fireballs. With all its dynamism, Speedy Ninja is one of the best iPad Mini games for casual fun.

During matches, you need to pay attention to all sides and make certain decisions to collect various coins, with which you can buy more weapons and characters. To download and install Speedy Ninja on your device, click here.

27. Angry Birds Go!

This one is perfect for fans of Angry Birds and racing games as it is basically a very fun mix of the two. The look of Angry Birds Go! It's very beautiful and colorful, and the gameplay is very similar to the classic Mario Kart.

There are different game modes to choose from, from simple racing to some challenging obstacles to avoid. The game is also very simple to learn and ends up being fun for all types of players. To download it, click this link.

28. Vector

Vector can be seen as a very minimalistic game when compared to the other games on our list, featuring only the silhouette of the main character. You can basically perform various parkour maneuvers while performing your missions in the game. Still it is one of the best games for iPad Mini.

The game's overall look and animations are quite impressive, making Vector even more enjoyable for those who want to have fun with a more casual game. Click to download it right now!

29. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A gaming franchise as famous as Grand Theft Auto no longer needs introductions, especially when it comes to San Andreas, one of the most famous games in the series. After years of its original release for PlayStation 2, it has finally reached smartphones and tablets.

Like all GTA games, you can do all the atrocities you want, as well as complete the story missions, of course. Controls can be a little tricky at first (because the game is designed to be played on a controller), but soon you get used to it. To download it, just click here.

30. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

For those who like racing games, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still one of the best iPad Mini games. In addition to escaping the police and participating in incredible races, you have over 40 car options to choose from.

You also have hundreds of customization options to customize your cars the way you want, making them more beautiful and powerful for racing. Click here to download the game on your iOS.

31. Benji Bananas

One of the best iPad Mini games has been a fan of Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country games. In control of a lovely little monkey, you must guide him through the vines as he collects bananas for food. Also, you must dodge obstacles and dangerous predators from the forest. Learn more about Benji Bananas in our review!

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