iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8: Which one is faster?

Whenever a new Samsung or Apple smartphone is launched, it doesn't take long for several comparisons to appear to know which of the rivals is the best in some respect. Now that the Galaxy S8 is in the spotlight, direct comparisons of the iPhone 7 are also missing. Even though they are so different, there are dozens of tests to check how fast each one is on different tasks. If you want to know the result, just check below!

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8

Since even the size of smartphones is quite different, the speed tests were conducted with the iPhone 7 Plus, which features a 5.5 inch screen against the Galaxy S8's 5.8 inch screen. This detail is very important as a larger screen consumes much more power and resources and the Galaxy would be disadvantaged against a much smaller screen device.

The test in question was conducted by the popular YouTube channel “EverythingApplePro”, which often makes such comparisons very objectively. The entire video can be viewed below.

What did you think about the comparisons between the two devices?

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