iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Know which one is faster

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have some differences beyond the size of the two devices. In fact, the most striking differential aspect is the amount of RAM of the devices, since while the iPhone 7 has 2 GB, the Plus model has no less than 3 GB of RAM.

In general, this makes a lot of difference in certain tasks performed with smartphones and the more RAM available, the faster and fluider the performance of the device. To see if this difference is really noticeable, 9to5Mac ran a test on both iPhone 7 models, where several actions and tasks were done at the same time.

Overall, the Safari browser was the most used to determine the differences, with several tabs open to test devices with heavy and demanding content. It also served to get a sense of how the new iPhone would behave in these recurring situations.

As you can see from the test video above, the performance difference of the two models was not very large. Of course, the Plus model can store more stuff in your memory and you don't have to reload information all the time, but the normal model isn't far behind.

As far as anyone speculates, the extra gig in the Plus model may have been placed solely to handle the extra camera that the handset brings to the rear. Since the regular iPhone 7 only has a front and rear camera, there is no need for more than 2 GB of RAM.

Of course, this will become more obvious in a few weeks, when more people are actively using both models on a daily basis. At least it's good to know that for ordinary tasks, the regular iPhone is not at a disadvantage compared to the Plus.

Prefer iPhone 7 or Plus?

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