iPhone: 9 Apps for Learning to Play the Piano

Continuing our series of articles for instrumentalists who want to learn more through iPhone and iPad apps or Android apps, it's time for pianists - or aspiring ones - to learn about the 9 best apps for learning to play the piano. Check out our selection below and test which one is best for you!

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1. Piano by Gismart

The first of the apps for learning to play the piano on our list uses the format of mobile games to teach you how to use the musical instrument. It simulates an electric keyboard and sounds of other key or stringed instruments (organs, pianos, guitars, and so on) to help you learn to play using songs created especially for the purpose of teaching. Click the link to download it to your iPhone or iPad.

2. 3D piano

An application that brings music with the most varied goals, be it learning new techniques or just practicing your finger strumming. The 3D Piano recognizes multiple screen taps, has compositing mode with the ability to record music or video to share your creation on YouTube and sounds similar to a conventional piano. Visit your iTunes page to download.

3. Piano by Yokee

Yokee's piano app contains a more popular variety of songs, featuring today's classics and popular hits. New songs are added daily to the app and can play them in the app, share their performance on social networks, and even challenge your friends' scores. See more about Piano by Yokee by visiting the link.

4. Tiny Piano

With a similar approach to Piano by Yokee, Tiny Piano also regularly offers free music to its users. The app has about 400 songs in its library, which can have their difficulty adjusted and is ideal for starting to teach children. Click the link and check out the features of Tiny Piano.

5. Fingertip Maestro

In addition to pianos, Fingertip Maestro also lets you learn other instruments such as guitar, guitar and drums. An application that requires no experience with any of these instruments, and is perfect for starting to experiment with their use before leaving for music lessons. Check out their App Store page to download Fingertip Maestro.

6. Piano ∞: Learn

One of the few paid apps for learning to play piano, Piano Learn: Learn costs $ 9.99 on the App Store, but makes up for it with the number of songs available in the app. The app has a tutorial to teach you how to play each one and you can also configure which hand you prefer.

7. Simply Piano

Another app that also brings several famous songs in its repertoire. Simply Piano is one of the few apps for learning to play piano that has unique functions enabled through 3DTouch. It also features classic music and tutorials suitable for any skill level. Click the link to download Simply Piano.

8. Yousician

Another application not only for learning to play the piano, but also for other instruments. Yousician has video tutorials to learn each lesson using the mechanics of mobile games. Even if you are already an experienced musician or even a teacher, you can use Yousician to refine your techniques and learn other advanced techniques. Learn more from the app on the App Store.

9. Grand Piano

Closing the list is the Grand Piano. The free app brings you new songs frequently and many ways to learn your songs. In addition to learning, you can also use a play-only mode without interference for lessons. You can share your performance through Facebook. Click the link to learn more about the Grand Piano.

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What apps for learning to play piano have you installed on iPhone?

These apps let you both learn the piano and practice your skills with your favorite songs. Which of these apps have you tested and what are the best songs to play on your iPhone? Comment with us and leave your recommendation!

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