Jivochat on Facebook Messenger: Serve Visitors on Social Networks

Jivochat has announced a new feature for your online chat that promises to allow its users to continue service even outside their page. Using Facebook Messenger, a visitor to your ecommerce can request a transfer to this channel. In the meantime, the operator will not have to close the chat window and open their Facebook fanpage to continue service. Curious and would like to integrate your online service with social networks without the need to migrate the system? Then check out more details about Jivochat on Facebook Messenger below!

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Jivochat on Facebook Messenger: How does it work?

An update to the Jivochat widget that shows the conversation window for your page visitors has enabled your business to continue a conversation started on the social network. The transfer process is automatic for operators. By sending a message on your site, the visitor will receive an automated reply asking if they would like to continue the conversation in Messenger by simply clicking the corresponding button to move on.

From there, this visitor will receive messages sent by your team on their private Facebook profile. Even if this visitor closes your site, the conversation will continue normally. Remember that conversation transcription will remain enabled even if the conversation continues through the social network.

Before starting a call, it is important that your operator authorizes the connection between your website's Jivochat to your Facebook business fanpages. On the other hand, the visitor must also be authorizing Jivochat and be logged into their Facebook profile. In other words, they just have to be signed in to their respective accounts and at the push of a button, they can continue their Jivochat conversation on Facebook Messenger.

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Is integrating online chat with social networks a good idea?

With the constant evolution of online chat systems, it is not news that very soon services like Jivochat would provide a way to also respond to the message of visitors and fans also on social networks. From there, the limitation of the visitor has to have the site open to continue to be served. But is leaving it off your site even though communicating with it is a good idea? Or do you think the best option is to keep online customer service and social media separate? Tell us what you think about the news in our comments section!

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