Learn all about the 20 items available on Pokémon Go

One of the most important things about Pokémon Go are the items you earn from PokéStops, leveling up, or purchasing within the app itself. With these items you can increase the likelihood of catching new monsters, improving the status of your existing Pokémon, recovering after gym battles, etc. Of course it is normal to be a little confused by so many items available, so we have prepared a very neat list of all of them and what each one does. Check it out below!

1. Poké Ball

As you may already know, Poké Balls serve to capture Pokémon in the game. They appear at the bottom of the screen when you encounter a little monster while playing, and you can throw it at the Pokémon to try to catch it.

These are the simplest balls to catch and do not have a very good chance of catching rare or high-powered monsters. They can be purchased through the game's online store if you're willing to spend real money, but it's much easier to use PokéStops to get them for free anytime.

2. Great Ball

Great Balls do the exact same thing as Poké Ball, except they are more likely to catch powerful and rare monsters. They can be achieved for the first time when you reach level 12.

After that, you can get them a few times when you level up or in PokéStops like regular Poké Balls.

3. Ultra Ball

Ultra Balls are even more efficient than Poké Balls and Great Balls, and can capture virtually any little monster without any difficulty. They first appear when you reach level 20 and you can purchase them from PokéStops after that.

4. Potion

When you battle or train in gyms, your little monsters will surely get hurt or faint as a result. With an item like Potion, you can restore 20 HP (hit points) from one of your Pokémon.

This item first appears when you reach level 5 and can be purchased from PokéStops regularly after that.

5. Super Potion

Super Potion is a more powerful version of Potion and can restore 50 HP points from your little monsters when they are "injured". The item first appears when you reach level 10 and can be purchased from PokéStops after that.

6. Hyper Potion

Hyper Potion is much more powerful and can restore 200 HP points from your little monsters, which will be very useful when they are already stronger. This item appears when you reach level 15 and can be obtained in PokéStops after that.

7. Max Potion

Max Potion is the best of healing items, as it can restore all of your monsters' HP points regardless of their strength. The item first looks when you reach level 25 and can be purchased from PokéStops after that.

8. Incense

Incense is very useful if you are walking the streets as it increases the chance of more little monsters appearing near you. It turns out to be more efficient according to its movement, so if it's faster, more Pokémon will appear to be captured. Its effects last for half an hour, so use wisely.

Incense appears early in the game and can be earned as a prize when leveling up or you can buy them in the little Pokémon Go store.

9. Lure Module

The Lure Module can be even more useful than Incense, as you can sit still and lure while luring monsters close to you. This item can only be used on PokéStops and serves to make several Pokémon appear in that specific location for half an hour.

Unlike Incense, when Lure is used, its effects benefit all players near PokéStop and not just who used the item. The item can be found at the very beginning of the game and can be purchased with a prize when leveling up or purchased at the store.

10. Lucky Egg

Lucky Egg can be a great item for those who want to level up faster. By using this item, you will automatically receive double experience points for each action taken, whether it is captures, battles, monster evolution, PokéStops activation, etc.

They are available right from the start and can be purchased as a prize when leveling up or purchased at the game store.

11. Revive

Revive does exactly what its name suggests and “revives” one of its Pokémon if it has been defeated and passed out after a battle. Plus, it also restores at least half of your little monster's HP, so you don't have to spend so many Potions to make it good again.

The item first appears at level 5 and can easily be achieved in PokéStops and leveling up after that.

12. Max Revive

Max Revive turns out to be much more useful, as in addition to reviving a passed out Pokémon, it also restores all of your little monster's HP. This item turns out to be a bit rarer and first appears when level 30 is reached. After that, you can purchase it occasionally from PokéStops and leveling up.

13. Razz Berrie

Razz Berries are one of the most useful and important items in Pokémon Go as they help you capture the monsters more effectively. When you are about to catch a Pokémon, you can play a Razz Berrie (which is a type of food for the creature) to make it easier to catch.

Thus the probability of capture increases much more and it helps a lot when you encounter a rare or high level monster. This item first appears when level 8 is reached and can be purchased from PokéStops or level up after that.

14. Stardust

The Stardust item is very important so that you can make your Pokémon stronger. You will always earn 100 Stardust when capturing any Pokémon, and you can easily accumulate it. When you have enough, just click on one of your Pokémon and select the option to increase your CP (Combat Power).

Each time you do that, you'll need to spend more and more Stardust on that particular Pokémon, but it's worth it to make them really powerful.

15. Candy

Candy is also very important to increase the power of your little monsters, as it must be used in combination with Stardust to make this possible. You will earn more Candies as you capture monsters of an evolutionary species.

Each species accumulates its own Candies, so it's good to catch several of the same Pokémon. You will also need this item if you want to evolve one of your little monsters, as this is the only way to perform this action in Pokémon Go.

16. Egg

The Egg is not exactly an ordinary item, after all, it is simply a Pokémon Egg that results in a new little monster after you walk a few miles. It appears early in the game and can be reached in PokéStops, but only 9 eggs can be loaded at a time.

17. Egg Incubator

Speaking of eggs, it is also good to mention the item Egg Incubator. This item serves as an incubator for Pokémon's eggs and is what ensures that they will be hatched after you walk the distance required for each one. You'll have an endless use incubator from the start, but you can get other disposables (up to three uses) by leveling up or buying one at the store.

18. Bag Upgrade

Bag Upgrade is not exactly an item, but a kind of upgrade for your backpack. It allows you to increase bag storage by 50 extra spaces and can only be purchased at the game store for 200 PokéCoins.

19. Pokémon Storage Upgrade

The Pokémon Storage Upgrade is also an improvement, but for the amount of monsters you can carry with you. At first it is possible to carry up to 250 Pokémon in the backpack and the upgrade allows you to carry 50 more if needed. Storage Upgrade can only be purchased from the game store and costs 200 PokéCoins.

20. PokéCoins

Finally, we have the PokéCoins, which serve as game coins. They can be purchased as a reward in gyms or bought for real money at the game store. Currently it is possible to buy 100 PokéCoins for just over $ 3.

There are other packages available, but they are much more expensive and not worth it as most items purchased with this currency can be purchased for free.

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