Learn how to download Instagram data in 4 steps.

About a month ago, Facebook allowed the full download of all your data on social networks, meeting the new data usage standard promoted by RGPD. A new European data protection law, it all companies that deal with the constant flow of citizen information to allow them to access and download it. We taught you how to back up your Facebook in this article, and recently it's been allowed to download Instagram data without the need for an external application. Learn more in the walkthrough below!

Why should you download data from Instagram?

The first reason why you should download the information you posted to Instagram is for backup reasons. This way, you avoid losing everything you post if Instagram experiences some kind of attack or bug that erases posts or even your profile. Second - especially for the entrepreneur or social media manager - is to keep your customers' information in case you need to transfer it in the future. Already requested to download data from Instagram? Comment with us!

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