Learn how to fix the problem with the iPhone and iPad camera that doesn't save your photos.

One issue that has plagued some recent iOS users - even version 8 - is a bug that has caused their photos not to be stored on the camera roll of their iPhone or iPad. Not all smartphones and tablets get this issue, but it can show up when you least expect it, like on a trip. That's why we've put together a few steps to resolve this issue with the iPhone and iPad camera, making it properly re-store your photos, but without having to restore the devices to their original factory settings.

How to troubleshoot iPhone and iPad camera

1 - Restart your iPhone or iPad;

2 - Open the Camera app on the home screen;

3 - Put the camera in Photo mode and take one normally;

See too:

4 - Tap the preview located in the lower left corner of the application;

5 - Click the share button - also in the lower left corner of the preview screen - and send the image to one of your contacts in iMessage;

6 - Restart your device.

Although the steps do not appear to indicate a device repair, the iOS defect will be fixed after the device has been reset, thus resolving the iPhone or iPad camera problem. There is even a chance that photos taken before the bug was discovered will appear on your camera roll, although this has not been confirmed with absolute certainty. So far Apple has not yet developed a solution to the issue, although the problem has existed since the company's eighth version of the operating system.

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Source and Images: iPhone Hacks

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