Learn how to install addons on Kodi for PC

A few years ago, Kodi has established itself as one of the best PC video players. Unlike other programs, however, its interface is very customizable, which can scare new users who have just installed the program. So you may need to learn how to install addons on Kodi for PC.

But what are these addons?

They are complementary programs with various functions. They work similarly to extensions for Google Chrome, for example. Some allow you to capture your browser screen, while others are even more specific, allowing you to capture website colors.

In Kodi, addons play a similar role. Each has its purpose. Some allow you to watch TV over the internet. Others allow you to emulate old video games, for example. But these are just two small examples.

We've already made a list of suggestions for the best Kodi addons in this article. They are the best to follow the programming of foreign channels or have the best selection of movies and series to watch by streaming.

Now that you understand how these extensions work, check out the full walkthrough of how to install addons on Kodi for PC and start enjoying the app!

How to install addons on Kodi for PC

The process of installing addons on Kodi for PC is similar to other devices such as the Android app version. The only difference is that on the computer the number of addons is higher. On other platforms, some restrictions prevent the use of some extension types.

On consoles like Xbox One, for example, you cannot install older video game emulators as this violates the terms and conditions of the Microsoft app store.

Now, let's go to the tutorial!

1 - Open Kodi and go to the Add-Ons menu;

2 - Click on the Download button;

3 - Select the type of addon you want to download from the menu. For this tutorial, we will choose Video Add-Ons ;

4 - Kodi will show you a list of addons available to download straight from the app. Choose what you think is best, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we'll install the Google Drive addon;

5 - Click on Install ;

6 - Confirm the plugin installation by clicking OK ;

7 - Wait a few moments and return to the Add-Ons menu to find the new addon and start using it!

Tip : Before you start using Kodi addons, consider installing a VPN in the app. This app masks network access and prevents extensions from spying on data and personal information, such as your address.

Also, avoid using free VPN, as you run the same risk of having your information intercepted by the free VPN provider itself.

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