Learn how to organize your Youtube channel to showcase your best videos.

If you are starting to make videos for Youtube, it may be surprising that the platform only displays recent published videos as a list, rather than the more organized look seen on most channels. But organizing your YouTube channel is easier than you think, especially when we talk about enabling this view mode. The bigger work will really be in selecting the highlights and content types that will be prioritized on your home screen. So check out the step-by-step instructions on how to do this organization quickly and efficiently!

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Learn how to organize your Youtube channel to showcase your best videos.

1 - Access your channel and click on the gear icon shown below;

2 - Enable the option Customize the layout of your channel and confirm in Save ;

3 - After enabling the option, two highlights options will appear: For Recurring Subscribers and For New Visitors . Each has a spotlight that will appear to one subscriber and another to those just arriving on your channel. Below you will see that the default of the first option is to show the most recent uploads. To choose your own highlight, click on the pencil indicated in the print below in the first option.

4 - Click the Featured Content button to choose the video manually or the list on the right to select whether the highlight will be the last video uploaded or the last video to receive any activity - Liked, commented, shared, and more. Confirm the Done button;

5 - After confirming, click For new visitors to select the highlight for those who do not know your content;

6 - Choose a video to be your welcome trailer. While Youtube suggests an introductory video, you can also choose any other videos from the channel, even if it's already used for repeat subscribers;

7 - After choosing highlights from both categories, you can add sections of videos, ie content categorized by Youtube, such as the most popular videos, latest published videos or playlists you have on your channel. Click on Add New Section ;

Note: Sections have no link to highlights, so when you add a section, it will appear similar to both subscribers and new visitors.

8 - Choose which category of videos will become a section and decide if it will appear as a horizontal or vertical line. Confirm by clicking the Done button;

8.1 - Check out the screenshot below to know how the section looks horizontally;

8.2 - And the image below to see how is the vertical organization;

9 - To organize the order of the sections, just click on the arrows indicated in the indicated screenshot;

10 - To change the category of videos that make up the section, just click the pencil icon and choose the category and how it will be displayed again.

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How did you manage to organize your YouTube channel?

There are several ways to work with the highlights and sections for organizing your YouTube channel, and we would like to know: Which of the best ways to organize worked for you? Comment with us and don't forget to know our videos and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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