Learn how to post Facebook Stories on PC in 6 steps

Facebook's Stories may not yet be as popular as the Instagram precursor, but the feature has improved a lot. Fortunately, the social network even allowed its users to be able to post Stories directly from their PC, instead of using Facebook's mobile app. This makes life easier for those who were used to posting like this on Facebook and also opens up more possibilities for those who don't usually use Messenger. To know how to post Facebook Stories on PC, just check out our tips below!

Post Facebook Stories by PC

Since the whole process is done on the PC, you don't have to worry about updating anything, just follow the steps below. To get started, open Facebook in your web browser on your PC and click the "Add to Your Story" option.

This will highlight the Facebook post section and you can start deciding how you want to build your Story.

You can write a message, add emojis and place a background image if you want something simpler.

If you have a video or image you want to put in the Story, click "Photo / Video" to select the file you want.

With everything decided, there is one last detail you need to check. See if the post is marked to be published as "Your Story" and not in the "News Feed."

If everything is ready, you just have to click "Publish" to finish the process.

The process is not much different from what we go on smartphones, so it's also quite easy to learn.

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