Learn how to tag events in Facebook Messenger

A function that was already available in other countries, event scheduling through Messenger began to arrive in Brazil. Called Plans, the browser version of the app - that is, the version you use when you access Facebook on your computer - has already started to appear for some users, although it is yet to appear on mobile devices. We have made a brief tutorial so you can bookmark events on Facebook Messenger directly with your contacts, either individually or in groups.

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How to tag events in Facebook Messenger

1 - Access your Facebook and open a conversation window in Messenger, either with an individual contact or a group;

2 - Click on the icon in calendar format, right next to the icon in "like" format;

3 - Enter the date and time of the event, give it a name and enter where it will happen. Confirm the Start Plan button;

4 - After confirmation, the event will appear in the conversation window. If you need to reschedule or even cancel the event, click Change Plan ;

5 - The edit window will open again, allowing you to re-enter the information. You can also confirm your presence or absence on the Confirm Attendance button and cancel the event on the Delete Plan button. Once you've made the changes, just click Finish .

6 - Remember that Facebook Messenger will send you a notification one hour before the start of the event.

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Learned how to bookmark events on Facebook Messenger?

The process is even simpler and faster than tagging events on Facebook. However, it is worth mentioning that Facebook Messenger plans cannot be shared or disclosed, either in your feed or in other chat windows, requiring you to re-tag each window of people you need to invite. Or simply create a new group with everyone you want to invite. How was your experience with the new role? Comment with us here on AppTuts!

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