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If you've been using Snapchat for a while, you may have noticed that some emojis are next to your added contacts, and in fact, the platform doesn't necessarily explain what each of these icons indicates unless you try to change them. If you don't know, these emojis are not there by chance and in fact have a special meaning based on the friendship you have with each person, cool, don't you think? If you've always been curious about exactly what Snapchat emojis mean, just check out our article below explaining them all!

Meaning of Snapchat Emojis

As we said above, each emoji that appears in Snapct has a different meaning and it varies depending on the individual interaction you have with your contacts.

- The baby's emoji is called “New Friend” and appears next to the name of a user you recently added to Snapchat. As you might imagine, it will probably appear a lot among your app contact list. More specifically whenever you add a new person.

- The fire emoji is called "Snapstreak!" And means that you envious snaps and received them from a daily contact for several consecutive days. If you or your friend do not send each other snaps for 24 hours, this emoji will disappear and your streak will restart. You can reactivate Snapstreak! by resending and receiving daily snaps to the same person.

⏳ - To help you prevent your Snapstreak! Finally, Snapchat also features the hourglass emoji. It indicates that you will soon have to lose this status with the contact in question, so send and receive a snap to maintain the fire emoji as explained earlier.

???? - Number 100 is one of the rarest Snapchat emojis. It indicates that your Snapstreak! it has already lasted 100 days, meaning you and the contact exchanged snaps daily for at least 100 days. This is almost 1/3 of a year!

- The emoji with sunglasses is the “Mutual BFs” and shows which of your contacts share a best friend of yours on Snapchat. In case it can appear to many different contacts, just your best friend is also another user's best friend.

- This smiling emoji is called “Mutual Besties” and always appears next to the name of a contact who shares his best friend No. 1. As you might imagine, he's a little rarer. Mutual Besties means that both you and one of your contacts send the most snaps to the same person.

- The suspicious-looking emoji called “Your BF, but…” is shown next to the name of one of your best friends if this contact doesn't have you as a best friend in your Snapchat account. That is, the user sends you many snaps, but you do not return as much.

- The embarrassed emoji called "BFs" serves to represent all your best friends, which can be many different contacts. It indicates that you send too many snaps for a given contact, but not enough to put it in the first place.

- The yellow heart emoji titled “Besties” appears next to your # 1 best friend when you are also his # 1 best friend. For this you need to send the largest number of snaps to this user and he must do the same.

- The red heart titled "BFF" appears next to your best friend No. 1 when you two hold this post for two consecutive weeks.

- Finally, the two-heart, so-called “Super BFF” emoji appears when you and a contact are No. best friends for two consecutive months. Obviously this is one of the toughest Snapchat emojis to get.

???? - The birthday cake indicates that some of your contacts are having a birthday today. It essentially works as a reminder for you to wish them happy birthday!

???? - The gold star indicates that some Snapchat user has shared a snap posted by the contact tagged with this emoji. Be sure to check it out, after all, it must be something interesting!

In addition to these emojis, when accessing your contacts profile you may notice an emoji with a zodiac symbol. Each of these symbols indicates the person's sign, the caption for them would be:

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