Learn which smartphones can install Android P Beta

So far, Google has always limited beta testing of its new versions of Android to its own smartphones, such as the Nexus or Pixel line. Fortunately, that has changed with the announcement of Android P, which could be tested by many devices from different and popular companies. Some specific handsets are already confirmed for beta support and you can check if your smartphone is selected from the list below!

Android P Beta

Before starting our list, it is worth mentioning that the handsets are just the first that Google has confirmed. New smartphones will receive the Android P Beta update in the coming weeks and months as there is still a long time to go before the new version of the system will be officially released.

Our list will be updated according to news released by Google, so be sure to check the article at other times to see if your device has been added. It's also worth remembering that not all verified devices have the downloadable update at this time, so we mark all those that already have Android P available.


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