Listening to music on Apple Watch with or without iPhone

One of the cool features of Apple Watch is that it also lets you listen to music from your wrist. This, for example, prevents you from having to pick up your iPhone on the street to change music if you don't think it's playing right for the moment. Even if you don't have an Apple phone, you can use smartwatch to listen to your favorite songs. If you haven't considered using the feature yet, learn how to listen to music on Apple Watch whether or not you have an iPhone!

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How to listen to music on Apple Watch with iPhone

If you have Apple Watch and iPhone, you can sync your devices, remembering that they should be relatively close. That is, you cannot leave iPhone at home and pair it with Apple Watch while in another location. To do this, open the Apple Watch Music app and scroll up by selecting your iPhone as the source. After selecting it, you need to scroll down and choose the option you prefer.

Options include: playing what is already playing on iPhone if it is already playing a song; quick play - which automatically assembles a playlist if you are an Apple Music subscriber - access Beats 1 and Apple's 24-hour international radio. You can also select songs on Apple Watch in the music app itself, as well as play your playlists created on iPhone.

Syncing iPhone music on Apple Watch

To sync a playlist from your iPhone to Apple Watch, place the watch in the charger. On iPhone, go to Bluetooth in Phone settings and turn it on if it's not already on. Then go to the My Apple Watch app on iPhone, select Music, and Sync . Choose your favorite of the moment and wait for the music to load on smartwatch.

You can track sync progress in the app itself. You may need to download some songs, especially those accessed from Apple Music. Remember that the Apple Watch list limitation is up to 1 GB. This limit can be changed in the My Apple Watch app to up to 2 GB or, if you prefer, to limit the number of songs. To remove a list, repeat the process described in the paragraph above, but choose None when accessing the Sync menu .

How to listen to music on Apple Watch without iPhone

Even without the iPhone, you can listen to music on Apple Watch. To play your favorite playlists straight from smartwatch, just follow a few steps. First, you need to own a Bluetooth headset and pair it with your watch. As in the process with iPhone, open the Music app, scroll up and select the headphones.

Scrolling down, you'll get another list of options, similar to the iPhone, but with fewer options. Here you can only listen to music on Apple Watch when syncing playlists. From there, you can search for your favorites by song title, artist, or album. To sync, choose Lists and follow the steps below:

Do you usually listen to music on Apple Watch?

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