Meet 30 new features of iOS 10 Beta

Foreign news channel 9to5Mac released an 8-minute video about various features currently being tested on iOS 10 Beta. The version is used for testing of Apple's upcoming operating system before its release to the public, due to take place this spring, next to the opening of 72 new emoji.

So you can get to know and learn more about what's new in iOS 10 Beta, we've republished the video below, with a translation of each item mentioned in the video, properly translated by our AppTuts team.

1. Video playback in Safari

Videos posted in a post can be viewed without having to open the Youtube app. Not only that, but the video will keep playing even if you scroll up or down beyond your view

2. Close all tabs at once on old iPhones

The iPhone 6S already has this feature, but earlier Apple smartphones will be able to close all tabs at once in iOS 10 Beta. You can close the tabs by holding down the button that opens the windows, which will provide this option.

3. Access your reading list and bookmarks straight from Safari

The browser can now access your reading list and bookmarks in the browser, and can even perform a search on it.

4. Enable multi window view by dragging a link on iPad

Apple's tablet will come with a very useful function. With iOS 10 Beta, you can grab and drag a link to the right or left corners to enable multi-window view.

5. Sharing links by just pressing and holding the finger where the link is located

With iOS 10 Beta, it becomes possible to share links just by pressing and holding it, thus opening a menu with the option.

6. See photos related to swipe up in the Photos app

By swiping a photo up in iOS 10 Beta Photo apps, you can see photos related to it. In addition, you can access information from an image by tapping the "Details" option in the upper right corner.

7. Live Photos Are More Agile

After several complaints about the slowness of Live Photos, optimizations have been made to make the app better display your Harry Potter-style photos on iOS 10 Beta.

8. Music app now feature lyrics

The iOS Beta music player now also displays the lyrics of the songs you are listening to by swiping the screen up.

9. Siri gives suggestions on what your search means

Similar to Google's search engine, when a search done through the virtual assistant is dubious, it will give suggestions on what it really meant.

10. Message Notifications Appear on Top When Using Full Screen

Intuitive and non-invasive, your message notifications will appear on a button at the top while using full screen apps like Digital Touch or iMessage .

11. Send handwritten messages in Messages

By putting your phone in landscape mode, you can send handwritten messages in the messaging app of your Apple device with iOS 10 Beta.

12. Dismiss all notifications in Notification Center

You can now dismiss all notifications at once in the Notification Center. Just use the 3DTouch function on the dismiss notification button and the option will appear.

13. Search engine access by opening Notification Center

IOS 10 Beta lets you access the search just by sliding it down a little, as if you were opening Notification Center. Access can be done regardless of the application that is currently open.

14. Define function is replaced by Mac Look Up

A feature common to Mac computers has been added to iOS 10 Beta. Overriding Define, Look Up now presents beyond definitions, a search on the term, with links to websites and applications, for example.

15. 3DTouch: Use App Sharing Function

One of several additions to the 3D Touch function makes it possible to share applications you use, either by message or on your social networks.

16. 3DTouch: Use the function to rename a folder

Another of 3DTouch's options for simplifying folder organization on your Apple iOS 10 Beta device.

17. 3DTouch: Manage your downloads with the function

Through it, you can cancel, pause, or resume downloads on your iPhone or iPad.

18. 3DTouch: See notifications of apps saved in folders

When using 3DTouch in a folder, in addition to showing the apps that are inside, will also display their respective notifications, as shown below:

19. 3DTouch: Access sought app functions

You will no longer need to open a searched app to use its functions. When using 3DTouch in a searched app, some functionality of that app will be made available.

20. 3DTouch: Access Siri-Suggested App Functions

Just like the previous one, just use iOS 10 Beta 3DTouch to access app functions suggested by the virtual assistant.

21. Songs still play even with Live Photos open

One of the minor hits. Starting with iOS 10 Beta, your music will keep playing even if you open the camera to take Live Photos.

22. Agenda now suggests events based on history

Now when recording appointments in your calendar in iOS 10 Beta, the app will make suggestions according to what you type and your history. In addition to the name, times will also be shown and filled in automatically when selected.

23. Spotlight goes searching in iCloud Drive

In addition to searching for apps, Spotlight can also search Apple's cloud storage service.

24. Markup also appears on camera

By using the camera, it is now possible to edit and draw drawings directly, without having to leave the application. However, when you use this function, Live Photos becomes disabled.

25. Home now has Control Center favorites

By swiping the screen right in Control Center, enabled from iOS 10 Beta Home, you can access your favorite scenes from your device, such as frequently viewed music, photos, or videos.

26. Can disable “do not disturb” mode blocking

If you can't be disturbed but are expecting a response from a specific contact, iOS 10 Beta has gained a new button available when accessing the contact, called Emergency Bypass . Through it, you will still receive notifications from that particular contact, while the rest are ignored.

27. Use a magnifying glass to zoom in on any object

The new iOS gets a magnifying glass that can be used to zoom in on any object. It can be accessed by going into the device settings and leaving the Accessibility Magnifier option on. From there, simply click the Home button three times in a row and the corresponding option to zoom in on anything you want.

28. Find your iWatch

Although already deployed on iWatch OS 3, iOS 10 Beta now also has ways to find your smartwatch with the update.

29. Alert Notification When Running 32-bit Apps

Before accessing dated applications, iOS 10 Beta sends an alert to the user, alerting them to the lack of updates and their possible consequences.

30. New Remote App for Apple TV

A new app to control your Apple TV is also available. At this time, only developers have access to the new app.

So are you already enrolled in the testing phase of Apple's upcoming operating system? What do you think about its new features? Comment below!

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