New Snapchat Filter: How to Be a Child Again

You may have noticed that in recent days Snap has become a hot topic again. Believe it or not, it happened because of just one new Snapchat filter that makes you a kid again.

Not just the nostalgic way we do it in October, when we put our childhood photos on Facebook's profile. He takes our current photo and creates a children's version.

Remember the movie Benjamin Button? This is more or less the way you will feel.

You may have been curious to see a version of you with this new Snapchat filter.

Never used the app, even at the time it bombed, before the arrival of Instagram Stories and their stickers that make it possible to poll on Instagram, among others?

So stay with us in the next paragraphs! Let's show a complete walkthrough to use the new Snapchat filter and create your new kids version to post on Facebook or as a Instagram post idea!

How to create a Snapchat account

1 - Visit Google Play to download the app on Android or this App Store link for iPhone users;

2 - Open the app and tap Create account ;

3 - Give the permissions requested by the app;

4 - Enter your first and last name. Then click Create Account and Accept ;

5 - Enter your date of birth by tapping Continue ;

6 - Snapchat will generate a username for you. If you agree, just tap Continue . If you prefer to create yours, tap Rename ;

7 - Create a password for your account and click Continue ;

8 - Enter your email for account creation. If you prefer, you can enter your phone by clicking on the Create account using phone number ;

9 - Confirm your new account by entering the code that Snapchat will send to your email or phone, depending on the option you choose;

10 - Your account is created! From here, you can add contacts from your phone to the social network by clicking Add next to your usernames;

How to use the new Snapchat filter

Before you can use Snapchat's new filter to become a kid again, you have to find someone you already used. You can do this in two ways.

The first is to ask someone who has already posted a photo or video with the lens. Ask this user to add you to Snap and send you a message using the child mask. Once you receive it, click Try Mask ;

If no one is available to help you now, click the Discover tab, located in the bottom right corner of the screen;

Slide this tab until you find someone who has used the filter;

Click Try Lens!

Aim the camera at your face and take the picture;

Ready! Now you have also become a child with the new Snapchat filter. Be sure to click Save and choose Memories and Camera Roll .

From here, you will be able to post your new younger version to Facebook, Instagram or any other social networks. Just start a new post and select the photo from your smartphone gallery.

What did you think of the new Snapchat filter? Will we have a triumphant return from the creator of the Stories format or is it a passing fever? Leave your comment!

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