Resize image without Photoshop: 31 Best Tools

Despite being the best known photo editor, Photoshop is expensive software with a great learning curve. This makes it unfeasible for those who just want to perform simple tasks such as resizing or cropping images for posting to social networks. However, there are several online tools that allow you to resize images in a simple and uncomplicated way that may well replace the Adobe program. Check below 30 of the best examples you can find on the internet!

Which sites to resize image without Photoshop use?

Now that we've shown you an extensive list of options for resizing your photos and even making minor edits, it's time to ask your recommendations. Which one have you tested and would like to introduce us to? Leave your comment and don't forget to give us your own recommendations for applications, websites or software to resize or edit images without having to go through a Photoshop course!

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