Selling on Instagram: 15 Best Tips

It's no secret that Instagram is one of the best social media to sell. The platform itself encourages this with features like Instagram Shopping. But how to sell through Instagram and have a profitable business?

There is not just one way to make sales through social networking. Let's remember that the arrival of the mall to the platform happened from the middle to the end of 2018.

That is, there are already many people selling for Insta long before this functionality comes. Selling is one of the best alternatives to make money on Instagram.

Want to know how to sell through Instagram?

We've broken down some of the top tips so you can have a business on Insta and make your first sales. Let's show you how to optimize your profile, create content, alternatives on how to sell through Instagram, and some practices that increase your chances of closing a deal.

Check it out below and start getting ready!

1. Should I use automatic interaction apps?

In addition to posting content and manually interacting with other Instagram users, there are two ways to increase your followers. The first one is to use apps for automatic interaction on Instagram.

These apps automate the search for profiles and posts by liking the posts and following the users found. These searches can be filtered by hashtag, location, and even followers of other profiles in Insta.

Applications do not force any users or bots to follow you. By liking posts and following users, they are notified and have the option to start following you.

That is, you are likely to get followers who will be interested in your products. Below are some options among the auto-interact apps you can start testing.

Tip: Not sure what to post to Insta? So check out these 30 great blog post ideas!

10. Republish user posts with your products.

Have you learned how to sell through Instagram, but have trouble posting new posts? In addition to the tips we showed in the tip above, you can enjoy publications made by your customers.

Ask for permission to repost on Instagram and show your followers how your products improve the lives of your customers. Here's how the Croasonho brand uses user-generated content to sell its croissants:

11. Learn how to make Instagram Ads

Another way to include links to your online store is through Insta's sponsored ads, either in the feed or in Stories. Unlike regular posts, you can target your content to your audience. This includes users who are not following you yet.

This requires you to create a business account, which also gives you access to Instagram metrics. You should then open a profile in Facebook's ad manager, which is also used to administer Insta ads.

You can now start creating your first ads for Insta. However, it is ideal that you study on the platform and do small tests. That way you will start to get more and more familiar with the manager.

Tip: To learn more about selling through Instagram using sponsored ads, click on the link and learn about the Online Shop Express course!

12. Create promotions for new followers

Want to know how to sell through Instagram and improve your social media results? Create exclusive promotions for new followers.

If you already use other social media, they will be perfect for promoting your promotion. Just create a post by referring users who follow your pages to your Instagram profile, indicating the discount to those who start following you.

13. Also give discounts to “veteran” followers

Don't forget followers who have been engaging with your post since your profile had less than 100 users. This is also a tactic you can use with users who are your customers.

This is a fairly common strategy used to boost customer lifetime value, ie how much a customer buys from your business.

14. Invest in Digital Influencers

Increasingly common, you can use the influencers' Instagram followers base to increase your sales. There are several tools for hiring digital influencers or partnering.

But don't think the network is limited only to influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers!

You can filter your searches according to the amount charged and the user base following the influencer. Just as there are small, medium and large companies, there are also smaller influencers you can hire.

15. Draw on Instagram

It may seem counterproductive to raffle products when it could be selling, right? But there are some ways on how to sell through Instagram and use the sweepstakes.

For example, you can create a unique draw for customers on holiday dates.

If your Instagram store has Mother's Day related products, you can create a giveaway in which every customer who buys during that time will participate in a giveaway worth a valuable item.

Another interesting method that works is to offer “draw tickets”. Each time a customer reaches a milestone (every $ 50, for example), he gets a ticket, which increases his chances of winning.

To learn more, check out this article with everything you need to know to make a sweepstakes on Instagram and be sure to check out the AppTuts Instagram Sweepstakes tool!

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