Surface Laptop: 8 Facts About Microsoft's New Notebook

Microsoft unveiled a Google ChromeBook competitor today. Called Surface Laptop, the Microsoft notebook will bring a new version of Windows 10, which will add an S to the name and will be dedicated to students. Among the various announcements of the event will be a competitor for Slack's professional online chat platform, Surface Laptop editions and pricing, and official laptop images. We have gathered 8 of the key facts announced at the event, so you know all about the Microsoft notebook!

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1. Surface Laptop: Price and first demo

The main moment of the event, Microsoft made the first demonstration of its Surface Laptop, also announcing a new version for its Windows 10, which we will comment below. The launch price of the Surface Laptop is set at $ 999 - about $ 3, 150 - and some of its specifications. The new notebook will be 13.5 inches and is dedicated to students who are migrating from high school to universities.

The notebook will ship in four colors - cobalt blue, platinum, gold and burgundy - and will weigh less than 1.35kg. Your LCD screen will be touch sensitive and compatible with the Surface Pen. The launch of the notebook is scheduled for June 15 in the United States.

2. Surface Laptop: Technical Specifications Revealed

In addition to the size, thickness, price and colors available, some details about their technical specifications were also revealed. The base model of the Surface Laptop will use the Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of memory. More advanced models will feature Intel Core i7 and 8GB or 16GB memory. Storage will be on SSD, faster than regular HDD, in the options of 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of available space. The i5 model will feature the Intel HD 620 graphics card and the i7 with the Iris Plus Graphics 640.

3. Surface Laptop: Grease-inspired making-of video

Inspired by the movie classic starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, the Surface Laptop's making-of video featured a slower version of the Grease theme. The reference is clear: What Microsoft meant is that your new computer will be the one you want. Check out the video below:

4. New Operating System: Windows 10 S

Contrary to what one might imagine, Windows 10 S is not a more powerful version of Microsoft's current operating system, but the opposite. This version of the system seeks to achieve and enable the current system to run smoothly on smaller computers. The purpose of the system is to deliver a low cost educational solution. Among the enhancements were the boot speed - 15 seconds since the user pressed the power button - and the low price of the computers that will ship with the system, in the range of $ 189.

5. Windows 10 S: Compatible with Windows Store programs only

The big setback to Windows 10 S will be its little utility outside the school environment. The system has a severe restriction: It will not be possible to install applications outside the Windows Store. That is, any developer or company wishing to offer an application to the system should list it in the Windows Store, rather than the executable for installation.

On the other hand, anyone who buys a computer running Windows 10 S can change it to Windows 10 Pro for free until the end of 2017, enabling the ability to install any programs. After the turn of the year, the version change will cost users $ 50.

6. Augmented Reality on Windows 10

The standard version of Microsoft's operating system will receive new functionality through the computers webcam, including the Surface Laptop. Using augmented reality technology, View Mixed Reality will allow the user to bring to life 3D Paint creations - one of 11 new features revealed in the beta of the Windows 10 2nd Anniversary Update. Paint can be enhanced through technology and can be viewed in the three dimensions that has been developed. The news will be launched later this year.

7. Microsoft Teams to Win School Version

Microsoft Teams is the professional communication app that competes directly with Slack, considered one of the best team management apps by AppTuts. The app will receive a version to also accommodate school and academic groups, narrowing communication between teachers and students. The version seeks a market share that is not touched by the rival.

Teachers will be able to create a virtual blackboard and enter lesson and lesson information where students can comment and create new discussions. Teachers will also be able to talk to each other and Teams's promise is that it will automatically renew all student lists at the beginning of a new term. The version is scheduled for winter.

8. HP and Acer announce notebooks with new Windows 10 S

Producers HP and Acer have also announced versions of their notebook lines specifically designed to run Windows 10 S. Computers will be cheaper than the originals used as the basis for their creation. HP will bring the Education version of its ProBook x360 for $ 299, while Acer will bring a notebook based on its TravelMate Spin B1 Convertible. The configuration of both is similar, but Acer notebook will bring touch screen.

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What's the best news about Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S?

With 8 of the facts announced at today's Microsoft event, which one do you think was the best - or worst - news about the new operating system and notebook that will be competing with Google Chromebooks? Be sure to comment by commenting below and share this article on your social networks!

Source: The Verge

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