Tinder: 5 Simple Steps to Know if Someone Is Using

Currently the most popular dating app around, Tinder has taken the world by storm with its simple mechanics that resembles an electronic game. In the past, finding someone who used (or admitted to using) dating sites was a daunting task, but thanks to the app it became unusual not to use one. Even so, Tinder still offers some privacy as it does not post on Facebook and leaves no obvious clues to be found. However, a site called Swipe Buster lets you know if any contacts are using the app in 5 simple steps. Check them out below!

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5 steps to know if anyone is using Tinder

1 - Access the Swipe Buster;

2 - Enter the first name, age and gender of the person who wants to know if they are using Tinder;

3 - Enter the location and search on the map the location where this person may be accessing the application;

4 - Create your login and password with your email;

5 - After the login is created, you will be taken to the Swipe Buster payment screen. Three searches cost $ 6.99 and ten searches cost $ 14.99 and can be paid through a PayPal account. Results are sent to the registration email.

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Could you find out if anyone is using Tinder?

Despite being a paid solution, Swipe Buster is one of the few alternatives to find out if anyone is using Tinder. It is also one of the simplest, even if it is only available in English. On the other hand, the dollar payment makes its use very expensive considering the currency conversion to the real. Have you ever used Swipe Buster on any occasion? Could you find the person you were looking for? Comment with us!

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