Tinder Online: Learn how to use the new browser version

After many years of being exclusive to smartphones, the Tinder dating app has released a version that can be used in browsers without requiring a smartphone. Remember that to access Tinder Online you still need to have a Facebook account and allow the application to receive your location to work. If you're still browsing dating apps looking for someone, learn below how to use Tinder right from your computer, whether it's a Windows PC or a Mac.

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How to use Tinder Online for browsers

1 - Access Tinder Online by clicking on the link;

2 - Click the button to login with Facebook;

3 - The home screen is similar to what you see on your phone, but instead of dividing the tabs between the people who appear and their combinations, both appear simultaneously, as you can see in the image below. The browser version has keyboard shortcuts, which are shown at the bottom of the screen;

4 - To set the maximum distance and age range of people who will appear to you, simply click on the thumbnail of your photo in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also configure receiving notifications in this menu;

5 - Just click on the corresponding options to change the Tinder settings. In the right part of the screen, you can view and edit the profile in the Edit Data button;

6 - Follow the instructions in the screenshot below to make the necessary changes to your Tinder Online profile. Click the Save button to confirm the changes;

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Now it's your turn: What do you think about using Tinder directly from your browser? Prefer to keep an open tab receiving notifications of new matches or prefer to keep your in-app interactions on your mobile phone? Comment with us!

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