Top 10 Alternatives to Skype on PC and Mac

Skype is one of the most widely used programs in the world for anyone who wants or needs software to chat with friends, family and even distant coworkers. With text chat, audio and video conferencing options for even large groups of people, it's hard to think of other programs that do this task as well. But since not everyone is doing well or has a good experience with Skype, it's always good to know about other options.

We've talked a lot about how to get started with Skype and even recommend some tips for the software, but today we've decided to list some of the best Skype alternatives currently available for both Windows and Mac users. Check it out!

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts had to be first on our list, either for its popularity or the variety of options it offers. In addition to offering the same things as Skype, Hangouts is perfect for anyone who wants to stream internet video conferences for anyone in the world to see, and the conference can still be posted to YouTube in full soon after.

Perhaps best is that you don't have to install anything at all, just sign in with your Gmail or Google+ account to start using Hangouts in any browser. You can click here to know more about it!

2. VSee

While Skype and Hangouts have some limitations in terms of the maximum number of people in group video conferences, VSee allows you to chat with as many people as you want at once without limit.

You still have other options similar to Skype, but the program is much lighter and uses less internet than its competitors. VSee is available for both PC and Mac and can be downloaded to your system at this link.

3. GoToMeeting

As the name may suggest, GoToMeeting is best suited for companies that need an efficient way to hold conferences and meetings remotely. The service is paid for, but you can try it for free for up to one month.

It supports up to 25 people in one conference, offers high definition audio and video quality, has many of the features of other software of its kind, and is available for both PC and Mac. You can download GoToMeeting via this link.

4. Webex

Webex can be used for free, but has some limitations regarding its paid version. Either way, it offers HD quality in terms of audio and video, document sharing (which can appear directly on the screen) and even a feature that reminds you of meetings when they are about to happen.

Currently, the software is available on Windows, Mac and even some mobile platforms. You can download it by clicking this link.

5. UberConference

UberConference is a bit more restricted than other programs and does not offer video conferencing as its main focus is audio conversations and conferences.

It can be used for free (even with paid plans), allows group calls of up to 10 people, can be integrated with various social networks and offers high definition audio quality! The program can be used on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms. Click here to download it.

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6. Viber

You may have heard of Viber because of the famous application that started it all, but today the software is available for every platform you can imagine.

With it, you can make completely free audio and video calls with anyone who also has Viber installed on one of your devices. The cool thing is that you can also use Viber to make mobile and landline calls from anywhere in the world for very low prices! Click here to download and start using the program.


. Voxox

Also available for any platform, whether on desktop or mobile devices, Voxox offers text chats and audio calls (no video calls yet).

You can also share documents, videos and images through conversations, and like Viber, you can make calls to mobiles and landlines at low prices. Download Voxox by clicking this link.

8. new

Oovoo is one of the simplest-to-use programs in the category, offers the same functions as Skype and can be used free of charge.

It's available for PC, Mac and mobile platforms, but what's cool is that you can record videos and upload them directly to YouTube without any work. You can download oovoo through this link.

9. Facetime

If you're a Mac user or any other Apple device, you should already know Facetime very well. It is possibly the best alternative to Skype on this platform and can be used for free (the download itself costs less than a dollar).

It allows you to do HD video conferencing and audio calling, although not everyone uses this feature.

10. jitsi

Jitsi is extremely simple and to the point. It is completely free and is constantly receiving new updates.

The software allows you to chat via text chats, make audio calls and video conferences in good high definition. Currently it can be downloaded for Windows and PC, but an application for mobile platforms is also being developed. Click here to know and download jitsi!

What do you think of these alternatives to Skype on PC and Mac?

Good tips, isn't it? Tell us in the comments which Skype alternatives you have tried and like best!

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